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Posted Tuesday, September 14, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
A quick tour of my room! haha

My memo. Sticked all over the wall. I think I'm gonna buy more colorful memos like Kelling's and stick on my wall! Spot those heart shape memos? Nice right!!
And all these are my so called motivational memos.

My storage box. I bought this online, at lowyat. And you kinda DIY the storage box yourself. Not bad! But then my table is still not so organized I would say........ Inside there are notes, lip balm, medicine, BB cream, and lots of contact lens cases. I have alot contact lenses. Some even just wore once. then dry ad. T_T

And this cute little thing!

Cute domokun! raawwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Top, cosmetic pouch. Left, some random pouch. Right, braces rubber pouch. I know I have alot of pouch la!
At home still got one more unused one I'm gonna sell it off ad.

And that box is my nail collection! Yeah I have alot of nail collections.. Elianto's nail colors almost bought all ad. Lol

And then in my small lil drawer have these tie hair things... I love tying up my hair... Looks tidy ma... ^_^

And ribbons! XinYee bought for us from Taiwan one. =D

And ......... yeah , Steph with all her laceeeeeeee

And also some necklace and stuffs which I never use for a long long time...

That's all for my room!

Now a lil bit of updates of my life.

Today is such a busy day! And its just Tuesday only ma, next week only exam but no no no no don't think like that Steph, time BLINKS! And I dunno I can finish study anot aaaaaaaaaa FML next sem must everyday go library ad.

And these few days we're busy dealing with our subject registration thingy and all of us got so pissed up. Know why? when alot of people entering the website, the internet will be down. And then they should have expected this week there will be alot of people go and unbar themselves at the finance counter one right?


Worst part of all? They say is '' COMPULSORY LEAVE''


And then library is opened until 4 pm only? plus they didn't even on air cond! How can people study in such incondusive environment grrr..

Then I think, if I'm a freaking billionaire I will build a university. And then will build a 5 storeys high library and make sure its a quiet one. I seriously can't stand it when people are like talking bisik bisik beside me. Can't you be considerate?People are trying to study right here!
Sigh, for the very first time I'm actually quite regret why I didn't go UTP at the first place. There has one freaking BUILDING called library..The size is like a shopping mall. which is super huge!!! >.<

Alright off to bath. Good luck to all the MMU students.
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