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Posted Sunday, September 26, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
I figured this blog will be boring without any pictures. So, here they are! Some pictures to summarize my week.

Some cheap loot I got from Daiso. We were walking around in Daiso because Yvonne wanna buy something. And that shop, has everything imported from Japan for just RM5. Which is so cheap. But then when you say cheap, is not really cheap because when you buy 10 items, you'll be spending RM50 already. So tricky right? Marketing..........

This cute lil hair band is so adorable. Its like a minnie mouse hair band right? Kristy got herself another blue color one, which is cute also. Japanese stuffs are awesome!

And this pink mirror. One side is enlarging mirror and the other side is normal one. I always bring mirror with me no matter where I go, basically its because I wanna check how I look like before I embarrass myself. And sooner or later, it became something so normal and habitual to me that I can't go out without a mirror, I'll feel insecure.

And jeng jeng jeng jengggggggggg!!

Rooney's got a new house! Its ALL included and its so big compared to his old small lil ''hut'' (I would call that). Its like, he moved from a small lil kancil to a huge Alphard or something! I see him like not enough space to move around and feel so sad and so we got him a new house! And its Raya promotion so we got this whole stuffs like RM 78! I think he LOVES it! Its really really cute!

Rooney inside the tube. I don't know why he loves to SLEEP inside the tube when he already had a small lil house inside to sleep in!!

He moved all his papers and all his food to the tube and just sleep high up inside there -_-'' not hot one meh ... I don't like him sleeping inside!! So I opened the tube and put him on the floor, he doesn't even wanna move. And thanks to him being so lazy only I can capture his clear front face..

Yays to this! Nos to when it comes to revealing the exam results.............sigh.....................................
Time passed e x t r e m e l y slow when it comes to exam, huh?

Went Wok & Pan to have dinner and we saw this cute lil girl that reminds me of my cute lil niece in SG! Does she look like her or not??

Like 99.99% alike omgggg O_O Both oso so cute! ^_^

Listening to some good old romantic oldies inside the car, looking at how cars passed by just beside you, staring at the yellow solemn street light, everything seems to be so calm and relaxing...

Me inside Yvonne's car.

Last but not least,


Take care.
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