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Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
WHAT THE..................


There's super alot of stuffs I have to study for my final exam. So far I think this is the hardest exam I think.

(I almost said that every finals wtf) Really damn hard ahhhhhhh I hate you taxation!

And I duno why we have to study Human Resource ah, fire people hire people T_T

And also E commerce where they talk about BlackBerry la, iPhone la, I duwan study and memorize every single keywords about it! Worst of all, we have to study stuffs like what is WAP, WLAN and so on! I duwan laaa if I want I also study IT course ad la...T_T

So yeap I'm back to Seremban! Because tomorrow I've got one early morning dentist appointment. Sigh, pretty rush, I know.

All that's inside my mind is that I WANT THIS EXAM TO OVER !!! T_T

My eyes were so heavy right now, just got some entertainment from youtube and I'm going right back to study later. Its 12:20 am right now btw.. So maybe gonna study until 2 lah T_T then tomorrow wake up at 830 to get ready for my appointment FML. Can someone please wake me up?! (never will have any anymore.... T_T..except my mom wtf)

Got quite a sad news from someone this evening, sigh.. Hope both of them recover from this heart wound ASAP. =)

I'm really thinking too much too much recently, thinking about those irrelevant stuffs, I'm like , why do I think all these?! Cant I just ignore them? Sometimes in life you gotta be ignorant so that you won't get yourself in deep shit. And then this is so true. Be blur, don't see things so thoroughly. Blur people will always be blessed. So from now onwards I'm gonna learn how to be blur! So that I can don't be so calculative to this and that and make myself sad only la at the end of the day.The only advise for us girls ? Stay positive and yeah, stop thinking so much and everything's gonna be okay. *hugs

*Sorry if I've affected anyone's study mood. Just kindly ignore what I've said and just remember, no matter how unreluctant we are, we must study, we HAVE TO study. Ok! Goodluck!
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