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Posted Sunday, September 05, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
It was 2:34 AM in Malaysia, and I broke my promise by not sleeping early. Why oh whyyyyyyy I'm not feeling sleepy at all?

I shall blog.

I love blogging at night because I can totally have my privacy, and blog whatever I want to blog about.

And that's also one of the main reason why I love staying up so late? Because I feel so good to be alone.

And today, I can say it was the nicest sleep I ever had because..... I really love my bolster. nuff said. Its so fluffy I wanna die!

Went shopping with bro today. He went for online (as usual) and I went for shopping. It has been long since I last shopped.

 So basically this is a girlish post.

But please read it also. ^^

Heard about E.L.F cosmetics before? I think most of us here don't. Becuz its an American brand.

And I've got some of their products online, waited for one whole month and finally they arrived!!

Eyelash curler - I actually don't need this because my eyelash is quite curl, but then I figured if I can have one of this my eyelash will look better, and so I've decided to buy it! I heard the best eyelash curler out there was Shu Uemura's eyelash curler. But its like RM 70+ if I'm not mistaken. Ermmmm even if you curl your lashes with that, people won't know you're actually using such expensive tool to curl right!

Individual lashes - I wanted to buy lower lashes because it can really give you a nice innocent look. But too bad, this one is upper lashes one! Buy wrong liao. But I guess it'll make my eyelashes look fuller and nicer. And most importantly, more natural. =D

Eyebrow lifter n liner - The lower one is to make your eyebrow look lifted, the upper one is for you to fill in your eyebrows. I need it for my end part of my brows, so I bought it!

Gel Wet Gloss Lash & Brow - And this comes in really handy! When you're going to school, you don't wanna look like you've put on mascara, but at the same time you wanna look energetic/in shape, you can use this! Its transparent in color. And I use the brow part to fix my brow, and trim it myself. Can save money.

Kristy's mascara! I used it, not bad I would say. It doesn't give you clump at all! Quite natural.

What's the best part of all theseeee?


Most of them are just USD 1. USD 1!!!!!!!!! JUST USD 1!!!!!!!! The MOST EXPENSIVE one also USD 3. You slowly convert la ha. T.T so happy.

Me inside the changing room.. ^_^

And I bought this cute pouch for RM15 from Vincci Accessories! Love the color so much!

And also bought this lip gloss from Elianto. Guess how much??

RM 4.50 only. -__________-'' Cheap until you wanna cry.

And bought a towel with some colorful dots on it, and also a thermos flask!

Won't be around for 2 days, because

Hopefully it won't rain! :)

A girl needs a guy's attention as much as the guy need the girl's attention too.Sigh. Forget it.
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