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Posted Friday, September 03, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Was having the busiest day of my life yesterday. Woke up since 7 o'clock, and busy until 12 am. T_T

But one thing good for sure is, I'm not having any classes anymore. Final is just around the corner. Starts from the 20th, ends on the 30th. I think I can't be going anywhere else. If not I can't manage to finish studying. Sigh.

But I will go KL shopping with Kristy one day. And also maybe go yumcha, that's all. Oh oh oh how can I forget this! I'm going Cameron with the family next monday and Tuesday! I will never find Cameron Highland as a boring place. I just love it. :D

The only thing worth celebration for the super busy day was, Steamboat session!

Trust me this time, this steamboat is wayyyyyyy better than Seremban's. It's called Carry On. And it is located just beside pure bar. I'm sure you all know where pure bar is one la. Pity Carry on. They are well known because .......... near pure bar. -_-'' And and, near ''The Office'' (also another pub) -_-''

This was our 2nd time having dinner there. And I love it woh... Dont know others but to me, its nice! ^^

Warm up first. =P

And now we started cooking ourselves! I love the meat over there. See see?? The middle one a.... Very nice one le!!! Its called Bacon ok -.-

I super duper love it !!!! They very evil one. They purposely put less less, then if people didn't ask, they won't take it out! Luckily I asked. How can you all be so evil!

Kristy, Su Leong.


Kristy and Ah Qin.

Kelling and me. Look at my hair they flies~!

I don't know why people love normal soup? To me TomYam soup is a musttttttttt!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA... dont you think i look funny right here?!?!?!? My mouth like senget ad one!!!! LOL!!! Kristy and I were both laughing until no voice. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH

Keat Yan and Michelle.

A group photo which I like!

When all of us were camwhoring, these two still busy eating.

After 2 hours, we finally left. hahaha two freaking hours! Super satisfied ! ^^ I LML! But very fattening, FML.

Taking pictures outside Pure Bar. Melaka's ladies night was Wednesday, unlike KL one. So weird right? I wonder when is Seremban's? haha..

We wanted to go in, but then its only 10 pm, I guess nobody go clubbing at 10pm right? So the club is like pak wu ying only. Therefore, we can only camwhore outside. :(

But I really love this picture thou. Yellowish !

 And we went to The Office, which is just directly opposite only.

Eh, the name sounds very cool right!! I love it. Haha but still, we didn't enter. Mama say not to enter night clubs.. ^^ wtf


Looking forward to next gathering soon! <3

P/s: Was really stressed nowadays, especially yesterday and today. My mood was down like the economy. But thank God I've sorted them out. Life can't always be happy, right? Then only we will appreciate happiness much more. I don't care whether my life is hard, sad, miserable or whatnot. I still love my life. I hope all of us do.
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