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Posted Monday, September 20, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
A quick one in the middle of the night.

I feel like I HAVE TO express myself out, I'm not those people who can keep things to themselves. If I did that, I'll go mad T____T

These few days were like HELL to me. Sleep around 3 am, wake up at 6 am. Thank God tomorrow I have no papers. Today's papers? SCREWED UP.

Yeah thanks to my procrastinating attitude, never wanna really start on studying. Guess next time I have to visit library more often ad. Yala yala I know how to talk only duno how to do one!!!!!!!!!! T____T

I guess I'll be going to study a lil bit more and then just go to sleep. My eyes can't take it anymore.

Whenever I see past year papers, my heart almost skipped out. Skipped out better lah so that I don't have to go for finals.

And SERIOUSLY, fuck u guys who said '' you're MMU students ah? I heard MMU students damn free one'' yeah fuck you. Its like LIFELESS man during finals. So many things to study. Things that are irrelevant to accounting, of course. Gah... I wanna be a housewife.........T_T

So sorry for being such a whiner, bcuz I really can't take it anymore, I must must must voice out. T_T

And I duno whether I can trust on tips or not because what if i only study tips, hoping that they will all come out but they dont! Then I GG la.

Dear Jesus,

I just hope that I can PASS all my subjects, get 3.0 CGPA (exactly that figure also never mind). This is all I hope for. In return I promise I'll go library at least twice a week next sem? Please Jesus please???? T_T

Ok, time to go study more and then go sleep.

Last but not least,

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