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Posted Thursday, September 09, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Holla! Its 11:50 pm right now and I should be studying but I think I should just finish up blogging, then go to bed, wake up early and study tomorrow lah.

Went shopping with Kristy for the wholeeeeee day. Actually 3 of us went together but then brother went paktor, so just left kristy and me.

We took bus there, and then its just like a short 45 minutes ride! Why we even bother to take KTM last time? KTM reach Mid Valley also like minimum 1 and half hour. Damn waste time. To busy people like us, time is money okay. hahaha.. But I really hope I can drive around in KL..... =( I hope next time we can just simply drive and go Sunway Pyramid there shopping.. Or go clubbing... I really wannaaaaaaaaaa.. But my parents are so protective over us... Even at night go out also got curfew liao. T_T But nevermind lah, they care bout us mah... ^^

We went to Times Square at first. If we really wanna go shopping must go these places la, takkan Pavilion meh T_T.........

So we went there and then I got myself a top!! I REALLY REALLY love the top! I think I will wear it when I go dating lah...... *shy hahahahahahahahah LOL

But I REALLY REALLY REALLY love it!!! Its like umm, dark turquoise color one! Then the cutting makes my boobs look so big, makes my waist look so slim!! hahahahaha. Its from Nicole, and its RM 99 !!!!!!!!!!            discount 70% = RM 30 ^_^

Don't wtf okay I've already wtf-ed alot. xD

And then Kristy wanna get herself a bluetooth handsfree bcuz she has lost her previous one. But ended up all handsfree cheapest also around RM 200 so ended up she decided to just buy a new phone. But of course, she won't buy so fast la. She damn po ma in choosing one.

We had Sushi King for dinner. Times Square really nothing to eat liao. T_T and we decided we just wanna have some food to make us full a lil bit, because we're heading to Pavilion for some tea time too.

And the sushi king is awe-waitforit-some! I love sushi king so muchieeeeeee!!

This is the only shot we got. Others all inside our stomach ad! And this one is some fish sushi. Tastes damn good especially there's ginger on top of it! And also I love the golden egg, we call that. I'm not sure what's its actual name. I know its RM 4 one. OMG really damn nice. Its egg inside with some mayonnaise on top and outside its fried one! Go try ok.

And when we're bored of the '' WHOLE SHOP RM 15'' stuff, we went Pavilion. And head to our favourite store - F21!

Wanted to buy their vintage necklace but ended up didn't get any of those, guess I will have to buy online. =(

Inside Top Shop's changing room. I saw one cloth damn nice one! Its 50% off!!! but then.... Still RM 100 haiz..... I really love that top T_T but no money buy.............. Why just fabric only mah nid so expensive one meh!! I hate UK.

Then we went for some dessert. ^_^

We still had not enough of Paddington's Pancake. We were both craving for pancake, so we came to this Pancake restaurant in Pavilion, hoping that they serve the same thing like the Mid Valley branch one. But no... their pancakes choices are damn limited. But still, quite nice la. Normal punya nice lo........

And then we went for SnowFlake!! Its also a must try in Pavilion!

And go order this one, their best seller. The cold one! Hot one not so nice.

I think most of our money also spend on food. FOL.

After the satisfying tea time, we continue shop and went back around 7 pm.

Met Vwan in the bus too!

And we camwhored! =p

That's all for today, guess I have to head back to study liao. Toodles!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA PEOPLE!!!!!! drive safe, and be safe. =)

Cameron post next!

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