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Posted Tuesday, August 24, 2010 // 1 comments (+)

has been a real common habit for Malaysians huh. Like anywhere you go, you will definitely hear people say '' hey lets come out yumcha!'' Its kinda like a gathering where people catch up on each other's news and well .... you know, just wanna hang out at night. Hanging out at night has always been my thing bcuz its just so romantic, don't you think so? But I hate driving at night because my vision not so good liao.

It has been really long since I last hang out with Rachel. She was my ex classmate. For around like 3 years?
And we were really really close last time. Doing all sorts of hamsap activities (thanks to her, she's super hamsap. But not really THAT hamsap)

All I knew was we really had lots of girls time together last time. And today, we finally met with each other again!

The best wallpaper ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

2nd best wallpaper ever. AAHAHAHAHAHAH

Kim soon and syazwan.

Rachel, Steph, Kristy.

Rachel took off her braces. DAMN I WANNA TAKE OFF TOO!!! I think I might take it off around september.

Selamat berpuasa!!! =p

Ordered hot honey because my cough still havent recover. TILL TODAY!!! T___T

I'm so craving for icy icy food right now!!!

I don't know who won that day. I just knew I LOST ALOT. Like keep losing T____T

And oh, they sang quite a number of romantic oldies that night! Not bad. The guy singing, looks kinda like badass. my type. T_____________T Seriously those bad ass looking type can really attract me. Not those lala zai or those with tattoos la. Just those guys who look like a playboy/badass. Like damn shit. hahahah girls are like that ok! Dramas influenced me alot!

Till then, taraaaaaa~!
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