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Posted Thursday, August 26, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
What a super busy day I had.

Class from 9 straight to 6 pm.

Right after that, meeting at 830 straight to movie - STEP UP 3!!!! until 1 am.


But I'm going back tomorrow!!! :Hometown I'm coming! This thought has never failed to cheer me up. That is where I grow up yo!

And right after watching Step Up 3 I reallyyyyyyy wanna learn dancing. That is the only way you can really loose yourself instead of getting drunk. And by loosing yourself, you are releasing the true side of you. You express who you are through dance. And most importantly, ITS SPORTS AND BRING NO HARM!!!!!

Like soooooo damn interesting omggggg. I so wanna learn dancing. If you haven't watch the Step up 1 and 2 yet, yeah go watch it. Its okayyy they are not related to each other anyways.

 Tomorrow early morning 10 am meeting AGAIN. Hopefully I can wake up la ha.

And I just finished nui yan jui tong! The ending is so not nice!!! I dont like the ending!! Please remake........
Thought this movie was so wonderful but the ending so sucks. Sigh....

Next, I'm gonna watch Vampire Diaries since so many people say its nice. But that's after my finals. Finals are end of september and the schedule is super pack. Sigh...... I hate!

I wanna diet! I'm gonna say this endlessly......hahahhaha

Time to hit the sack, nights! ^_^
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