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Posted Saturday, August 28, 2010 // 5 comments (+)

1) Never put back my stuff after I use it.

Like super true. Everytime after I finished using something, I just threw it right there. I’m NEVER a tidy person. Everytime after I read, I’ll just leave all the notes scattered around and do other stuffs, everytime after I put my make up, I’ll just put all the brushes and cosmetic on the table and not putting them back to place. That’s why my room always messy. >.<

But I would like to clarify myself before you guys look at me one kind! I am clean! Like very clean ok. I don’t like smells and don’t like dirty stuffs. So I’m just messy, JUST messy. ok.

2) I love to sleep late.

This is a habit that I’m trying very hard to change. But I guess there’s some improvements though. I’m trying to never sleep later than 2am lately. And achieved it like 90% !

Right now, its 2:06 am because I just got back. So I definitely got some reasons to stay up late to finish up my leftover assignments/house chores/blog and some stuffs I need to handle before I head to bed ok. =P

And because of this late sleep bad habit, my hormone disorder lo. That’s what I suspect so far. And people, staying up late is NOT good for your health ok! Try to sleep early. So that you can live long long.

3) I love to eat.

Everytime I eat, I’ll feel like in heaven. My main source of happiness. Seriously.. But when I get nervous, I tend to eat a lil bit. My appetite tend to shrink. And when I’m stress, oh gosh you can see me eating alot! That’s why I can never diet during exams. I think my taste buds are so much more active than other people’s. T_T Is that a gift or what?! No I assume wtf

4) I love to sleep.

That’s also a really bad habit ok. I think taking a nap has been so common to me until I feel like lack of something if I didn’t take a nap for that day. I just love to sleep! And that will contribute to me being fat too T.T.. Everytime I nap, 1 hour is TOO LESS for me. At least need 1 and half hour. Actually this is so wrong. The ideal napping time is just half an hour. Bear in mind. That’s enough for our brain to rest.

So I should sleep lesser, prolly 6-8 hours per day is enough.

5) I tend to think alot.

Ok so here’s a lil confession that I would like to make. I find myself digging more to luxurious goods. I’m starting to like branded stuffs, I’m starting to be a really really girlish girl, like putting make ups and so on. And I always wanna go shopping because I feel so happy after that whole day of shopping. And I couldn’t resist myselfn from buying cute/pretty stuffs!

I’m starting to like DSLR instead of just normal cameras.

I’m starting to like sports car instead of just normal cars.

I’m starting to like expensive stuffs than just normal priced stuffs.

Am I becoming materialistic already???? =( I wish I am not!!! I’m really trying very hard not to like branded stuffs but……. You know, seeing leather and tuxedo and good quality stuffs make you feel like you should work hard to achieve those! And seriously, branded stuffs are DEFINITELY better than cheap stuffs ok. That’s why the price become so high mah.

Am I changing towards a complicated person already????? I don’t know… Since I entered college, my friends are all starting to have branded stuffs.. Like LongChamp, LV, Gucci and so on. And to me, these luxurious goods are really tempting. Like… They are so good quality, and they look SOOO good. And after reading ZodiacFacts, it states that : 1) To impress a Leo, never hold back your wallet. 2) If you couple with a Leo, you will less likely have a poor lifestyle. bla bla bla. Like OMG… That’s true but not 100% true. We are not born to be evil like that.

To be honest,

I still like to eat Ixora foodcourt mixed rice which cost around RM 3.50 per meal.

I still like to go mamak and drink hot milo, eat roti canai.

I still like to see the word ‘’ DISCOUNTS’’

I still feel reluctant to spend RM 5 on a drink.

I still feel reluctant to spend RM 30 to see a doctor.

Although I love luxurious items, it doesn’t mean I HATE cheap stuffs ok?

So here’s a confession I would like to make. I hope you guys don’t see me  as I’m changing to become NOT myself???I hope you guys don’t see me as a girl who loves only expensive stuffs. Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to cheap places at all. In fact, I would LOVE to because can save money mah…

I wouldn’t mind having a date in mamak, go to hawker stall and eat, go to the sea side walk on the beach bare-footed for the whole night, staying in a cheap hotel, go backpacking travelling. I seriously won’t mind. Its kinda sweet also ma ^_^

6) I am lazy.

In terms of study. I know I can if I want to. I know I can get good results if I really spend 2 hours per day doing my revision. See how many times I promised myself to read newspaper? But I never really do read a newspaper thoroughly even one time. How many times I ask myself to go to gym but in the end I didn’t do so because I’ve got myself some excuses? Fuck, stop being lazy Steph!!

7) I am lack of patience.

I hate to wait. If I have other things to do while waiting, its fine. Like totally fine with me :D

But if I’ve got nothing to do and just wait blindly, NO. I’ll get fed up damn fast. And I hate people who are ALWAYS late. You guys have no watch ? No sense of time. How to survive in society next time???? So please, try not to be late so often ok. And I’m trying to be punctual as well!

8) I tend to  get jealous very fast.

I don’t like my bf hanging out with his ex OR having any communications with his ex. Like BIG NO NO. But when it comes to the real me, I’ll be more considerate la… There’s always a reason why she is your ex and not your gf right?? XD.. But seriously. Don’t talk about your ex so much ok. She’s a bitch to me no matter how.

9) I don’t like to chat in MSN.

HAhahahaha this is random! But yes…. I don’t like to chat in MSN. Often you can see me reply like halfway then *poof* gone. Cuz when I online hor, I don’t really chat in MSN la.. I usually surf and blog more. So please forgive me, please please! Don’t get angry when I didn’t reply you in MSN ok. I don’t hate you. I just forgot to reply you and surfing really got most of my attentions. =P

10) I am an EGO person.

This I admit. I am kinda ego. But this is ALSO the main thing I’m trying to change. Because you know, successful people are those who successfully DITCH HIS EGO-NESS AWAY AND BECOME SO HUMBLE!! So in order to be successful, I gotta throw away all my ego. And be a humble person who are never afraid of critics and teases!

So yeah, these are the top 10 bad habits that I’ve got. Other than that, I’m awesome. ^_^ LOL

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