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Posted Monday, August 16, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
for the lack of updates. I have been super busy with the university assignments ANDDDD dramas lately! That's why I've got no time to blog.

You know, when it comes to study life, you'll basically spend your whole day studying in campus, onlining, browse here here browse there and there goes your one day.

That's why I say, its never enough for me to do all my stuffs in one day. I guess my time management sucks alot!

But here I am, back to blogging! Here are some pictures I took, now only I posted them up. Enjoy.

Went to pasar malam with YikXin few weeks back. One thing I really like about Malaysia is, you have pasar malam here! Although its really hot but you can find so many food there!

And we tried smelly tou fu. haha

RM 5 for the whole thing. Out of curiosity, I tried it. I even ignored the smell, ignored how people avoided it so much, having a slight faith that it might taste good but.... I threw it after my first bite.

I DUWANNA WASTE FOOD ONE BUT REALLY............ IF you wanna know why the toufu ended up like this, go buy go buy! Hahaha.. I don't know la, but to me its really..OMG... take it away from me!! Its like eating shits.

And then we went Tarot Cafe to have our dinner.

She drank hot honey because she................ Hahahahahahahah =P

I don't look good because I haven't bath T.T

See how HEALTHY we are! We ordered just sandwiches. But .... goreng sandwich WTF.
People wanna diet you gimme goreng. So we just dig out the inside stuffs and eat. -.-''
Where got goreng sandwich one u tell me.......................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went jusco shopping with Kristy!
I love girl's day out! But with boys also ok ma *shy hahahaha wtf

Craving for sushi but ended up eating Manhattan fish because of their set lunch. We missed the mushroom soup and the fries and the fish!!! Yummy~~

LOVE their garlic butter sauce!

But ended up super regret.

We ordered TOO MUCH. T_____T

But now looking back at it, I feel wanna eat them again....... Now its 1.25 am, kenot kenot. must control must control.

Love the lip gloss! *sample from Clinique.

Say hai to Timmy. I mean, naughty timmy.

Is it all the GUYS in the world also love to stand this tall and feel like a king? Omg.... He duwan come down somemore. Damn super naughty!!

He's actually looking at my sister sleeping, she was sick that day. Awww...

Timmy is really, really the real man. I think if I can't find bf I'll just depend on him can liao. *Rooney jealous ad!*

No man can ever give me satisfaction that Timmy can give. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Its 1.30 right now, time to hit the sack, see ya peoples! Goodnight to the stars people that I love. ♥

Thanks for the bruises, Mr. wooden chair.
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