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Posted Friday, August 06, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Every weekends we will be having an outing with parents, be it in KL or Seremban.

I love this habit of ours.

Went to KL to find my brother for dinner! =D

Camwhored inside the car because I have nothing to do.

I have many other pictures of Kristy sleeping inside the car but I don't want her to kill me!!!!!

And after fetching our bro from UPM, we went to the same old place in Bukit Bintang to have our dinner. It has been long, dad knew we were craving for the food there, so he brought us there! ^^

ABC - my dad's all time favourite.

Bak Kut Teh! But comes in a really small portion.

Duck rice! Trust me, duck > chicken alot.

Kristy Chong.

Me. ^^

And me again! ^^

Right after our dinner, I guess my dad doesn't feel satisfied. ( Guess my appetite inherited from my dad T.T)

And he ordered Japanese burger!

Check out the gravvy leaked from the pati. Slurrrrps~

We were like, why won't it stops leaking!!!

Dividing the huge burger into 5 pieces!

So each of us can get one slice of it.

Ready to eat!

And within 0.00005 seconds its inside my mouth already! OMG. the best burger I've ever tasted? But this one burger is like RM 17 if i'm not mistaken.

Since when, we called it....

The burger.

Right after the meal, we walked around in Lot 10. And saw this cute national geographic yellow boxes!

And mom asked us to go inside pose. hahaha!

Steph : Come catch me~~~~~~~~~~~~ wtf

My cute mom!

Presenting to you, SUNSET. wtf

Poser ahaha

Pretending to be very cold xD

My brother texting with his gf!

No la, he's actually playing ipod lol

Then we walked to StarHill to have a look!

And saw this cute cute scene...

So damn cute! ^^

Some hotel entrance. Pardon us for our camera. Can't capture the true beauty of the lights. GRR!

My mom wants to appear in the camera too.

Searching for toilets!

Just to camwhore. XD

This toilet is really special because you have to spin the wheel only you can wash ur hands!! So magical right??

And some live performance at the bar. (If only the background can be removed.)

That's when I said saxophone is sooooo romantic. =P

That's it, more to come!
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