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Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

Went to watch

couple of days ago. And as usual, I DID NOT watch any trailers before I went in. I just heard some reviews about it saying that it was nice and worth watching that's why I go watch.

And no, I don't ask for reviews on purpose. People post in FB I just accidentally saw it! Luckily not much of spoilers *phew

And it was......... AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE. I guess most of the people here watched SALT ad right? Cuz I think now also no more showing liao. Therefore, I can talk about the movie now ^^

It was really nice! I didn't know why people say its almost as nice as INCEPTION. But still, inception is like the best movie of 2010 (haha) and I will definitely download and watch it again. (I couldn't understand some part :()

So I was wondering about something and I asked : '' WHY THIS MOVIE CALLED SALT AH??? so weird one??? '' And then only I know her name is Evelyn Salt. -_-''

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her husband! He's super loyal :( and I love Salt too because she's so strong and so sexy and so calm and so logic. I bet most of the guys love the part where she use her panty to cover the CCTV right!!!! Sigh wish I can have her sexy lips.

Salt 2 is obviouslyyyyyy coming and I'm soo gonna watch it!

And I watched The Last Airbenders as well.

Erm this show is not really good. 4/10 I would rate. But I love the idea of 4 nations.

And I just watched The Expandables!

Ok ok, No spoilers AT ALL ok. ^_^

I really am a movie girl huh. -_-''

I'm suddenly craving for this so much lately. But ahhh this only can be dreamt, kenot be owned.

Love Apple's product!

And and I'm thinking of changing my phone. I really really love my phone because it has been so loyal to me, so useful to me, so user-friendly to me throughout these 3 years. If its a 5MP camera, GPS , Wifi, and lag-free phone, I'll definitely love it to the max! That's why I need to get another phone. Sigh.. I need GPS badly. I really really love that function.  Don't really like touch screen phone because its hard to text.Any recommendations???
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