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Posted Monday, August 30, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
So I have this bunch of ''LADIES'' in MMU which I met a couple of months ago.

I don't really know them, I just got their facebook that's all lol.

They are soooooo freaking lady-like! I mean, wow. I like.

They are so tall, then they just look so damn matured!

Where you know, when you go in cinema people won't ask, '' you sure you are 18 years old and above????''


''Can you go measure your height before you play this game? Thanks''

stuffs like that.

I admit I look kinda matured. OK I'm quite satisfied with it. At least last time I sneak inside casino also nobody check my IC *heheheheheheheh* but I still lack of the ''lui yan mei!''

Sigh.......... But this is what boys love huh, childish + a lil bit of lui yan mei. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

They really look super matured . They love french stuff, Everything in french is romantic to me lol

And they travel, they dress up well and whatnot. I wanna be like them one day! ^^

But I won't lose my childishness or kiddoness la ok because I think that's just me. 20 years down the road, my childishness accompanied me like forever. LOL

Yes I am matured (ahem) but most of the time I prefer to be stupid and fun. Because I love to hang out with stupid and fun people. And also, straight forward people. I don't like to guess.

I love to hang out with people like the famous guy in youtube NigaHiga, cuz he's plain stupid. (in a good way)

The more 38 you are the more I'll like you!

So I hope to be a pretty lady, a pretty nerd, and at the same time also a really fun person. Lol I really hope people can talk to me easily, feeling no gap in between, not afraid of me (although i might scare them sometimes), saying ''fuck you'' without feeling offensive,and yeah I am a very nice to hang out person! Bubbly you call that. LOL

I am undeniably growing day by day, but I still remain who I am. Preserving myself good. lol

*The day you went to a brand new environment. And also the day I asked a super stupid question. T.T
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