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Posted Friday, August 06, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Anyone of you love to eat right here? I LOVE TO EAT! like very much!!!

Food is my main source of happiness. I have no shame to admit that. I'd rather admit this rather than admiting that I'm a super fat girl in the future. FUCK MY LIFE.

I don't know why, nowadays I feel my appetite is like super good. Once awhile I'll feel like eating something. I just had my dinner not long ago .... T.T

My mouth feel so bland. I just need to eat something!!! Anyone can gimme some tips to stop this stupid habit?

I guess I shall start back my diet plan - no dinner at night.

I know its not healthy. But c'mon. How can you ask a fat girl eat just a small portion of dinner so that she can slim down easily? She didn't feel happy at all!!

I wanna change I wanna become a super slim girl!!!

Like this!!!

I'd rather give you my boobs. I just want a skinny body.

I want to wear just S or XS. T.T

That is a dream that will never come through....

But I know there's nothing impossible in this world! Impossible is NOTHING!!

So I'll work out more, go jogging at city park more, go dance more at home, like dance 5 times in the morning, noon and before I sleep.

And I'll try to walk around more, try to do house chores more, try to say NO to good food!!

Wish me luck people. And please be stern with my diet plan. If I eat, kindly scold me. Scolding is caring!!

To all those fatties out there, kindly join me! Move forward to a slimmer body, nicer curve, healthier and a more confident you! =)
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