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Posted Wednesday, August 25, 2010 // 2 comments (+)

I want to go Chocolate Lounge @ 1 Utama and eat their Chocolate Fondue right now.

Its pretty random to have such thoughts at this hour huh? Its 12 am sharp!! But I assure you their chocolate fondue is so far the best that I've tasted. I think its made from Cadbry Chocolate le......... *slurps!

But seriously. Food can make my frowns turn upside down. Especially desserts. NOTHING can go wrong with dessert ok! I super duper love dessert. Even if my stomach is full, I can somehow still stuff in a few mouth of dessert! ^_^

Like what HQ said, desserts are one of the human's masterpiece. HOW TRUE IS THAT????

When I'm angry or sad just put a slice of cake in front of me and I'll be happy back. wtf

Today Rooney bite me... Bite until super hard. I've been bitten by him numerous times ad, but this time, I bleed!!

Yeah thanks to Rooney. Now an additional wound on my finger.

Actually also my fault la, I wanna play with him ma. But he duwan let me grab. So I ma grab him harder lo... Then he turned his body around with the speed of light and sting his sharp bottom teeth right into my flesh and poke the blood vein and my blood just ooze out! I'm like WTF?!??!?!?

Seriously damn pain ok. The blood just won't stop flowing. Timmy love to bite also, my sister said its bcuz he's horny wo........................hahahahahahahaha.... I DUNO!!!! But then when Timmy bites, he also just wanna grab our attention only. When he bite hor, not as pain as Rooney!!!! Rooney bite people really damn pain one.

My sister once told me she felt very hurt when Timmy used to misbehave around her. And now I finally know why. After treating Rooney so good, I always play with him on my palm, always feed him, always carry him around, supposedly he knows I'm his master right?! How come he still has the intention to bite me till bleeding one...........T_________T

OK now I sayang Timmy more liao!!! HMPH!!!!!

Another one is I've got a big bruise on my right knee. A 50 cents coin big bruises. FML ok my balancing super bad. I was walking but then suddenly stepped on the wet floor and the next thing you saw is I kneel on the floor with my right knee wtf. I admit I'm a clumsy person. I'm never smart in sports. T______T
IF you ask me to drive a motorbike within 2 cars, I will definitely bang on either one of them man.The more I wanna balance myself the more I'll lose balance wtf. I guess God paid extra attention on my brain and took away my balancing skills hahahahahahahahahahahha

On the side note, I'm gonna watch Step up 3 tomorrow night! ( If nothing goes wrong) I don't know. Maybe time not ngam or tickets sold out. Gahhh. I really really love to watch movies huh ^_^

Hmm, you know what? Maybe its time for me to read back storybooks again. I wanna improve my English ahhhhhh... And also wanna be super literate like all other people out there. I wanna be knowledgeable! Because I love knowledgeable people like ma dad!!!!!!!! and also because that is where my main confidence came from.
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