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Posted Sunday, August 01, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

No I'm not going to say FML even though I have the strong urge to say it. It is my fault to finish my assignments last minute. I know, I know. I shouldn't do that. But Im that kinda girl who likes to make my life hard. I am just like that. -_-' because when happiness comes in, it'll be extra happy. no?

so i'm not going to be regret or something because i basically chose this road? so i'm just gonna deal with whats coming right now. i am a superrrrr optimist sometimes. hahahahaha.

woke up around 10-11 something, hoping someone would actually take me out for some bday celebration before i go back melaka. but still, stop expecting too much, its not gonna happen at all.

and then i just do my assignments, and browse the internet abit. and ate my mom's homecook lunch. which is not nice. but she made us some red egg.. T_______T... so touching!!! and finally, we went back to melaka.

Had dinner @ Taipei cafe again. I guess i seriously gotta stop ordering honey aloe vera. got quite sick of it liao.
and i ordered cheese spaghetti! which turned out nice at first but regret at last. too big portion. too cheeesy.

After dinner, we went to decorate Diver's club booth at mmu campus. When I almost thought my birthday is gonna end just by decorating the booth, some surprise party happened. I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!!

Ken with other friends of mine came together with a cake to surprise me and kristy.T___________T
Around 20 of us... such a huge gang right!! Super thanks.. So happy to see Jing Siang and Yikxin tagged along.. Its like, this is what true friends are you know. they take efforts to make their best friends happy..
they planned this for long time or what, i dont care. they even tip toe-d to our places so that we won't notice.. so cute la them.. XD

i love you guys more than words can say.....

And the 4 hours decorating outcome -

NICE RIGHT!!!!1 looks simple but this thing took us 4 hours. Satisfied with the outcome. :)

More assignment rush. Gotta finish all assignments before final kicks in. GOD BLESS US!
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