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Posted Saturday, August 07, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Dated Joyce for lunch this afternoon at Kenshington. Both of us ordered exactly the same thing, mushroom soup and grilled chicken cheese steak! Boy oh boy they've got the best mushroom soup I swear! And also the best cheese sauce ever! Comes with a reasonable price too. And also nice environment. That's why I love to hang out there!

But the price not so nice anymore. They increased it! Grrr but added alot of new stuffs la, next time gotta try them out more. ^_^

So my lunch costed me around RM 20 per person. And we talked about internship, some clubbing thingy, some future studies thingy and so on. Joyce said she no longer interested in yumcha because she think its so kiddy. She prefer go drink wor. hahahaahha! that's an expensive yumcha ok!! Must save up some money since u're going UK next year! Wish you all the best :)......... in ur love life. hahahaha

And went to fetch Kristy back from T2. Saw Timmy inside the bonding pouch, so cute!!! ^^

At night, went for small gathering with the primary schoolmates. I missed them alot. And we were still as close as we used to be. Talked back about lots of childhood memories, make us feel so naive!! And 2 of them are going overseas to study again. Wish you two all the best too.

I'm freaking jealous.......

And then, movie at night at the super duper effing cold cinema - MBO.

I wore my sister's super thick jacket and I still tremble inside the cinema. How I hope I was immune to coldness! I really can't tahan cold.

Guess that was it, nighty night people. =D Sugar dreams!
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