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Posted Tuesday, August 31, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

Merdeka! Is just an excuse for people to go out celebrate. Like hello, you really so patriotic meh. hahahahaha

And I have some reasons why I chose to stay at home yesterday night. I just... don't wanna go out. No I don't wanna. Not yesterday.

And Happy birthday to my best ex - Ernest. He's a really really cute and friendly guy. HAPPY HAPPY ERNEST DAY!!!!!!!! ^_^

*Got that song from HIMYM. Marshall sang happy happy Lily day to Lilypad. Aww how cute! That episode is AWESOME. So I got bored yesterday night, got nothing to do. Felt....quite lonely actually. And so I decided to be awesome by watching HIMYM! And guess what, I laughed for the whole half an hour and my mood just got boosted high up! Who say you can't find happiness yourself?

Sometimes I depend too much on other source of happiness that I've neglected that I can actually make myself happy.

First of all, I'd be fucking happy if I lost 10kg.
Secondly, I'd be fucking happy if I look good that day.
Thirdly, I'd be fucking happy to see my tables and rooms tidy and in shape!
Fourthly, I'd be quite happy if I managed to do some house chores, so that mom won't so suffer mah..
Fifthly, I'd be fucking happy if I get to achieve my 'goals of the day!'
Sixly, I'd be fucking happy if I major one damn song using guitar.
And lastly, I'd be fucking happy if I get to control my appetite (wtf) and also play with Timmy n Rooney ^_^

So these all sorts of easily-achievable happiness have always been neglected by me. How silly I am.

I always love to picture how my room looks like. Lol.. I always love to imagine I have a really nice room. (NOT IN ALL PINK, I've grown up a lil bit) But a very nice combination style room. Artistic is the word I guess. And I dreamt that I have so many make ups collection, so many books to read, so many gadgets to play, so many nice dramas to watch! I can just stay in my room whole day.

And all of these require money. So by studying hard, I can get high pay in the future, I can buy what I want! So I should study hard right now, and I'll be one step closer to earning big!

I am really a super optimist huh. I duno wanna laugh or cry.

So now I'm back to Melaka. FYI, I'm going Cameron Highland with the family next week!!!!!!

Super can't wait. My parents were quite happy that we are going together too. ^_^
The chilly weather, the peacefulness, photography, night market and so on. Ahh...

Had a nice chat with Ah Sum today. He's currently studying in Aus. I wanna go overseas study also!!!!!

My favourite SNSD. ^^
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