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Posted Monday, August 23, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Update time!

When my seniors all say, '' hey this week my cyber friend is coming down to visit us!!!''
Then I'm like, ''wow......that's cool.............sorta....''

AND NOW I FINALLY HAVE THE CHANCE TO SAY THAT - Liyun is coming down from cyber to meet us!

She WAS studying with us in MMU Melaka. But due to the different hometown location, she was sent to cyberjaya brunch when we enter degree year.

Was really sick when Liyun came back. She came back at the WRONG time. Firstly, sufen and chek got exam the next day. And I'm sick, and I sprained my leg. Doctor asked me not to go anywhere. I planned to even skip whole week's class if my legs were still like that. (I basically walked like a crippled man T_T)

Guess why I sprained my leg? CUZ I SHOP PAVILION TOO LONG WITH SANDALS. wtf man seriously wtf man............

Off topic : Rooney just walked inside a hamster ball. He came from the living room all the way to my room! And I was like calling him ''ROONEY ROONEY HERE HERE!'' Then he walked to Kelling's leg. And I said, '' NO NO ROONEY WRONG DIRECTION!!!'' Then he quickly walked to me ^________^ SO CUTEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok back to the topic. So, she seldom came down, can say once in a real blue moon. So I just said yes for the outing. And glad I had fun ^_^ I mean, even if its not fun, the people I hang out with makes the whole thing awesome.

Sshe reached Melaka from cyber, and gave me a SURPRISE at my room.

And we.........Make up! Liyun really pro in her eyes make up. See her eyes, so much bigger ad. Tipu one... That's the power of make up!

She's soooooo slim. And also, see my messy messy bed *shy shy

My dear~

With our driver~ :P

First stop - NADEJE!

Steph, Sufen, Liyun

Its a MUST TRY when you come Melaka.

Chek, HQ

Order any slice of Nadeje cake and you will get a hot drink for RM 3. When it comes to meal stuff we'll ALWAYS opt for set. That's the most worth it one mah. If go with parents, see price order.... ^_^

Cheese japanese crepe cake. (not nice one)

Orange chocolate. (Not so nice also)

Original. (MUST TRY. NICEST!!!!) When you eat you'll feel like angel floating on the cloud~

Chocolate banana (not bad also. I love banana and chocolate !^^)

Me enjoying my hot tea~ ^^

My dear pretty huh? with my camera ma...... hahahahaha wtf

HQ, he didn't eat anything at all. HOW CAN YOU RESIST ORIGINAL CREPE CAKE ONE??

Camwhore. What else can girls do when there's camera and mirror anyway.

Right after the late lunch, we went for some girl's shopping! And I bought a pair of shoes exactly same with Liyun one. I love buying same things with my girl friends. It kinda symbolizes our friendship ok.

And when its 7 pm, we went for sing k session!

Buffet - eat all you want!

I kinda hate buffet because I hate the feeling of stuffed stomach right after it. I just don't like too stuffy.
So I learnt ma lesson! Take as less as possible. And imagine myself whether I'll really eat that thing or not before I take it. Smart huh? ;)

Chek singing!

Me & Liyun! She loves Sammi Cheng songs. I really miss her. T______T

3 of us. Love this pic!!

Same shoes! ^_^

And sufen ge po wanna join in -______-'' haha

Yes, I spoil this pic on purpose. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~~~~~~~~

Cute le this pic? ^_^

Last pic.

The grocery stores we alwaysssssss go to replenish our stocks. And Liyun USED to go. Lol... Therefore we decided to snap a pic there. Idiot us. 

I really miss youuuuuuuuu. PLEASE COME BACK AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! (ok la don't so often la we're not that rich to hang out everyday like that ok. Sing k itself also RM 35 ad wtfffffffffff)
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