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Posted Friday, August 27, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Back to our home sweet home Seremban!

Kristy had been suffering from serious migraine. She doesn't even know what's the cause of it. Therefore, we went to see some chinese doctor and see whether he can help. Another reason why we went for chinese doctor is because....... As you all know my period comes irregularly. It doesn't come when it suppose to come. So Kelling was like, '' you should go see doctor if not really next time kenot pregnant one!!! You're still young, better go see doctor and solve this problem ASAP!!'' I didn't take this issue seriously before that. But she made it sound like its super serious and its time I should start to pay some attention on it. So I heed her advise, and go for chinese doctor. Because I heard chinese medicine can slowly regulate your hormone and brings no side effect.

After seeing the doctor, Kristy went home for a nap. She woke up around 7 something and said her head is still super duper pain. I'm like, how on earth can your head be so pain suddenly?!?!?! Its unexplainable...She avoided all the heaty food for almost a week! So how can?

Kristy, maybe you should go http://www.omg-facts.com. Click on the ''best of the year'' under Top Facts. And check out the first one.............Might help ^^

I'm really sleepy already thanks to the assignment. TIME TO SLEEP! ^_^

I'm so tempted to do a Vlog! Maybe I'll do it tomorrow and upload it for you guys to see.

It is something so fresh and new huh!

Just in case you guys don't know what a Vlog is, it means - video blog.

I'm gonna make it short, less than 2 minutes. (any clips more than 3 minutes are too long for me lol)


Do I look like an ultraman? WTF
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