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Posted Tuesday, August 10, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

Blueberry cheesecake ever.

Tomorrow will be Melaka's public holiday, so NO CLASS!!!!

How people react when there's no class? Happy, duh.

So we're going to go shopping tomorrow. I think not shopping, just walk around and then we'll go for SALT!!! Like finally, I can watch salt. I still wanna watch despicable me so badly!!

And then, we'll be going on to sing K this friday too! Waaaahahahahahah. Hopefully its fun. And this saturday? Will be going to KLCC Aquaria trip! That is something happy going on as well.

I heard there's mega sales in whole malaysia right now!

And I cut my hair today! Its only RM 5, some charity cut (muahahahaahahah)

And also, I love my new hairstyle!!

was kinda worried about how my hair's gonna look like because they sure assign those juniors to come cut our hair. So if unfortunately, your hair will be their experiment. But thank goodness, after 2 hours of haircut (the longest and most boring haircut ever), its finally done.

^^ love my new hairstyle..
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