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Posted Sunday, August 08, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Finally, an official post of it.

Birthday is just another normal day, and its so overrated. You will keep telling youself, saying that '' nah its just another day only mah.. No nid any celebrations la...''

But in the end of the day, if you really have no celebrations at all somehow you will feel so disappointed, right?

Human.. Love to be loved and cared :)

August 1st, the only day where people called me and wished me on the phone, people flood my Facebook wall, people flood my handphone, the only day when I was treated like a real princess... ^_^

So I've got 3 celebrations, one from family, one from Sufen that gang, another one from housemate gang... Thanks all of you!!!!!!! ^_^

I shall blog about housemate celebration first.

We went dreambox to sing K. Unfortunately, we have no champaign and cake to eat because we ordered last minute. =(

Kristy and I were singing ''When you believe''. We were soooooo into the song because that song is so touching and nice!

Suddenly, someone came in with some candles on something. To our surprise, its our bday cake!!! Nadeje!!

There were 3 slices of it, one is original, one is berry and another one is mango. Yum~ These 3 slices of cakes made our day!! Thanks alot!!! ^_^ that was REALLY a surprise because we never expect that at all.

They lied to us saying that they wanna go withdraw money and shop a lil bit but actually they went to buy cakes for us... T.T

Making wishes (outta airplanes)  hahahaha

The happy us!

Thanks again.. The room is very cold, hahaha

Blow candles~

And that was it, thanks for the effort yeah.. We really enjoyed ourselves... :)

And this is what we saw in pet shop!

Kawaii desune~ ^_^
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