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Posted Saturday, July 03, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
One fine day, I was attending class as usual..

Suddenly I look at the date, its July 1st...

I'm like, WTF? NOW JULY ALREADY?!?!?!

See, time passes so damn fast. Is that a good news or not?

I can't say its good, can't say its bad either..

Time WON'T stop ticking because I want it to. So since I can't stop it or slow it down, I can just pray that it'll pass faster..

One more month... One more shitty month for me I guess.. This is not good..

Guess this year's birthday is my worst birthday ever.. Don't ask me why. I think only some will know...

Today we sent Amelia and Yeaw off the airport at freaking 5 am.. And... You know how much I hate that kinda feeling?

We were having breakfast in McD. Saw both of them already all packed up and ready to go...

And they are leaving to just nearby Sabah...So that means it was my last breakfast/meal with Amelia and Yeaw...

They prolly gonna just come back like once or twice a YEAR.

I feel so sad actually... T_____T... Why must study changes things so much wor.......

Somemore they're gonna leave for 4 years.......... ARGH!!

But one thing I'm not so sad about was... They are STILL in Malaysia...

If they went UK or US or Aus I confirm cry one.. Sigh I hate hate hate hate hate hate people leaving!!!!

HATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me a wuss cuz I AM!!!!!!!!

Seeing people leave is more cruel than anything else in this world............. Somebody please make me strong and FACE THIS FACT please....... I feel like I'm so damn immature and so easily cry and so fragile and so shit. WTF...

ARGH!!!!!! That's all for my post... July and August, both are shitty months. More to come? I HOPE NOT.
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