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Posted Sunday, July 11, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Hi bloggie.

Its 1 am in the morning right now. One hour and a half later, there will be a super important match.

BUT...... I don't feel like watching. Is there anything wrong with me? I'm really tired. Like.. really.

This morning I screwed my plan up. I slept around 12 yesterday night, and planned to wake up at 730 this morning to study.

But I woke up at 11 o'clock. I snoozed thousands of times.. I woke up, and SHIT. I havent bought any bus ticket.

I scared I'll have no transport to go back. And I actually left my mom's car key inside our study room. I scared she can't find it!! And I haven't packed yet, havent had lunch yet, and I should catch the 1230 bus.

When I thought today was my super unlucky day, I was wrong.

I went to T2, and got my ticket. 1 pm bus, which is just 15 minutes for me to wait to get on the bus. Lucky. :)

And mom did not scold me at all for not finding the car keys, prolly she's got another spare keys with her. Lucky again :)

And I managed to pack everything, and took my brunch before I rushed to the bus. Lucky am I? :)

I'm thinking too much again lately... Guess I just can't stop thinking......

Few days ago, I was walking back from library to Ixora, alone at the dark...

I'm thinking, how nice if someone just drove through beside the pathway, and stop beside me, wind down the car window, and say, '' Hey Steph... wanna go out with me right now?''

Its like super damn sweet.. Did I ever mention I love night outings? I love the night ambience... I love going out at night because its just so romantic...

I just love to imagine stuff and smile alone there.. I really hope this kinda thing will happen..will it will it???

And.. sigh.. sometimes I just love to do what a girl likes to do.... love to be treated as a reallllll girl...

I mean, being treated like a princess, you know?!?!?!? That's what every girl wants right.. Being treated as princess.. Then they will treat you back like prince too...

Guess I think too much.... I try to be insensitive, but seriously, I cant..... But I'm still trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying!!!!!!!!
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