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Posted Friday, July 09, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Here are some facts about me. Might change according to time, but...... depends. xD

1) I love to sleep
I can sleep an average of 12 hours per day. More if I'm allowed to. I just love to sleep, very much. You can ask me to stay up late, no problem. But never ask me to wake up early. Because waking up early without getting enough sleep is disastrous. I don't like people seeing my eyes so puffy. I think I am seriously in love with my bed and bolster.

2) I love 12-6 o'clock class.
I never liked morning class. But I don't hate it either. To look at the sad side, I have to sleep early the day before. To look at the happy side, I can wake up early and sleep early,healthy lifestyle. :) So yeah, not a big deal.

3) I tend to prefer those who share the same taste with me than people who do not.
I used to think that my preference/likings are really weird, or rare, you might describe it. My thoughts are kinda different from people who are same age as me. I like people who share the same fashion taste, same music taste. NOT same boyfriend taste thank you.

4) I am girlish, but at the same time I'm not that girlish also.
I love pretty, cute, lovely stuffs. On the brain thinking side, I am 100% girlish. I love to be pampered, love to get attention from the boy I like, love to be courted, love to be annoyed (sometimes). But on the other side, I can really become like a guy. I can be a not-so-clingy type of girl. I don't like seeing couples inside the class. Besides their bf/gf, who else can they hang out with? High 5.

5) I love food.
People eat to live, I eat to live. Food is my greatest/main source of happiness. When I'm on my worst mood, just bring me to eat some cheese cake, or some chocolates or something. The next thing you'll see is a frown turned upside down. No kidding and its clinically proven.

6) I love music.
I played piano since I was really young. Around 5 years old maybe? And I hated my mom for letting me learn piano and my siblings did not. But now I thanked her alot for that. After piano, I developed my music interests towards guitar and drum. I can sing, but not really pro. I feel sexy hearing the voices of guitar chords changing. My greatest wish is to do a cover with me playing guitar myself, and singing it and upload it to youtube. I'll die with no regrets.

7) I prefer movies than karaoke.
I just love to watch movies. I can watch around 1-2 movies per week. Quite normal right? But singing, yeah sometimes I do like it. But not too much. I enjoy 2-3 hours of karaoke, but not 5 hours. That's too much. That's because my throat will start soring once I sang too much.

8) I don't cry in front of my friends.
Like never. Unless my best friends cried in front of me. Or when people leave. Don't ever expect me to spill my lungs out and cry. I won't. I'm not arrogant, I'm not high ego as well. I just don't want people to feel sympathy towards me, feel like I'm a burden to them. I want them to see me as a strong tough girl.

9) I hate awkwardness.
I don't usually smile to strangers. Out of politeness I will, but not always smile to jokes which I don't find them funny. Hence, I dislike socializing. Guess I've made a right choice by choosing Accounting. But honestly, I do find socializing an important skill in life and I'm trying to overcome my fear towards awkwardness. Wish me luck !

10) I choose friends, like alot.
I am a person being influenced, not a person influencing people. Therefore, I prefer to hang out with friends that will make my life better. Such as, hardworking, matured, knowledgable people. I don't really like hanging out with un-educated people. Like those people who always scream, shout, speak rude words like other people love to hear it. I prefer those who are educated, polite, friendly and happy go lucky.

11) I think cute-ness turns people on.
WTF is this a fact! But seriously I think cute stuffs turn people on alot! At least to me! If I have a husband, and I saw a cute lil baby at some shopping mall just beside us or something, I'll say, lets have one tonight!! Screw my life-planning schedule.

12) I curse, sometimes.
Especially when I'm in pain. Learnt this through OMGFacts :P
I curse when I am angry. I curse when I'm describing something extreme that the word ''damn'' is not enough to describe the intensiveness of the situation. But the rudest word I've ever cursed was just ''Fuck''
I don't like people saying ''jibai, mahai, lan jiao'' and so on. SO DAMN IMPOLITE!!!

13) I hate people who smoke.
My closest who take care of me since I was just a baby died because of this. So yeah, fuck you cigarettes.

14) I love expensive stuffs.
Call me vain or something, I just love expensive stuffs. Seeing tags with a sky high price will only motivate me to become more hardworking in life in order to own them in my hands. I love branded stuffs. They symbolises your status, make you more confident. Not only that, branded stuffs reaaaaally have high quality compared to the cheap ones.

15) I don't like chinese FM.
Everytime I sit my mom's car, she'll be playing chinese FM. The first thing I do is to tune to other channel. Be it hitz, mix, or fly. I just don't like chinese FM. They made me headache!

16) I think being cool is crucial, but being matured is more important.
Matured people take things easily, they analyse things before they make any decisions. They are the COOL people I call. xD

17) I do jealous, like alot.
Because I am a girl ma!!

18) I hate death and separations.
Who don't? But I seriously hate them. I don't like the feeling of worrying. That's why when there's a problem, I'll choose to face it, and solve it ASAP instead of dragging it.

19) I listen to music when I bath.
I love listening to music when I bath, its just too enjoying.

20) I love listening to birds chirping when I wake up.
Sounds much like in fairy tales?? ^^

21) I find love as something insecure.
Yeah.. Sex.. Love.. Lust... But one day one guy's gonna come in my life and prove me wrong. :)

22) I believe true love happens at the age of 30th.
When people are financially stable. Without money its impossible for you to raise a child. Really. And that is when people want to stable down, don't wanna go clubbing, don't wanna go simply have sex anymore. That's the time they want something comfortable, and I call it home.

23) I want to have 4 kids if possible.
2 boys and 2 girls!

24) I hate lizards.
Slimy creatures never will appear in my dictionary!!!

25) I find boys who cry for animals are adorable.
Boys who love animals are so cute. Even if he looks bad on the outside, but as long as he loves animals, I'll totally accept all his flaws. I don't know why :)

26) I love my friends to be happy.
I will never be the one who says ''no'' when everyone says ''yes''. I follow majority normally. At the first place, I choose friends alot. So if I have a fix gang of friends that I used to hang out with, means I am happy with them, means I love to go out with them. So no matter where they are going, as long as I'm with them, I'll say yes. :)

27) I love to master in as many things as possible.
1) Photoshop. 2) Website HTML. 3) DIYs 4) Online business. 5) Guitars 6) Improve my english skills

28) I hate evenings.
This is the time where I usually become EMO. I just don't like the feeling of sunset.

29) I love fat aunties.
Fat aunties/ mama are the cutest women alive. The way they speak, the way they look at you, the way they cook food. (Never trust a slim chef). Makes you feel like you are in a sanctually full of love.

30) I love my best friends, my family, God.
I truely, sincerely love you guys. :)
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