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Posted Thursday, July 08, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
This early morning 230 was the must-watch match between Germany and Spain.

We watched at McD. Waited since 12 something it was crazy!! And yeah we were counted as late. So many places were already occupied!!

But finally we get to settle down. We had like almost 20 people watching altogether!!

And Germany lost T______T. I hated Germany so much at first because they beat Argentina flat. I didn't know they were sooooo good until they scored like 4-0!! So I've decided to support Germany. Since I hate it when the team I suppose lose. So I thought I support Germany sure happy one. They sure win one.

But FML. I'm so wrong. They lost!! They FREAKING lost :( :(

But never mind. In the final I will support Spain hahahah.

Me and kristy said wanna use Timmy to predict the final match results just like what the octopus did LOL!

Went for guitar class yesterday. I super love it! Guitar sound is sooooo sexy. I get to play Bass and also electric guitar too. People who play music will never be bad. :) I still deeply believe in it.

Timmy is running on my lap, all over my body while I'm blogging right now. -_-''
he just barked just now. (Yes timmy does bark exactly like how a small lil puppy bark.)

And Rooney is so so so so so cute T_____T.

This saturday we're gonna bring Timmy go neuter. Hope I won't cry.

Gonna watch Eclipse tonight! ^^

Ps : I'm trying to be a better girl.
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