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Posted Monday, July 05, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Feels so lifeless right now...

Sitting in front of the laptop since 10 o'clock.. Its just 3 hours and I'm feeling so.. Unproductive..

Like, I should be studying or reading the CLEO magazine that I've just bought but instead I've been facing the laptop for 3 freaking hours!

And I'm so tired. Who said working with computer is fun?! I prefer to go out and work honestly.

Been working on blog business lately. One of our assignment. FML. Seriously I don't like to earn money via online!! Its super duper tiring. And I guess my eye sight just got worse. Whenever I drive at night, I feel that its really hard for me to focus especially when people shines their car light directly into my eyes.. Ouch!

Been practicing dance lately, I gotta say I love it.. =P.. Wish to finish learning it faster!!

Learning dancing is like a super effective way for me to slim down because I super enjoy dancing! And when I dance, I don't really know how tired feels like!

Gotta hit the sack. Night night! ^^

Ps: I wanna be invisible.
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