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Posted Sunday, July 04, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Had early breakfast with my love on last Sunday.

When I said my love is not really my BF! She's my hubby!! =p

Yea I have like one hubby and one wife and one dear I kinda forgot lol. All also girls le sigh! T______T

But if I have bf ad I won't really go and tell people i have dinner with my LOVE or my DEAR etc!

So this girl was my best best best friend during high school for 3 years.

We knew each other for just 3 years short and I can say that she's kinda like my female soul mate.

You know, we listen to nice songs together. We share the same songs taste. We share almost alot of common stuffs. And she's a girl that can really make my temper become better. I don't know how.. I admit I have bad temper, but with her, I can just take everything easily.. Because she's very 38 and not fierce I guess?

Sometimes when people treat me fierce, I'll treat them fierce too. Like a 2 way communications LOL.
I told you guys, I don't like treating people nice but not being treated nice back. If you sayang me, I'll sayang you back MORE. Prolly 10 times more than what you deserve. If you hate me, yeah too bad I'll hate you more as well. So I don't know whether its good or bad..

 It has been long since we gathered with each other. So we had breakfast at Asia Laksa around 9 something! Damn the mihun curry laksa.... I wan to eat again........

She's studying doctor now in Monash. Really really made me damn surprised and proud. I am so so so proud to have you as my friend. T_____T

Her class starts everyday 8 am - 5pm. And she never rant.

While me? Fuck. I always rant even if I have like 4 hours classes only! Wat the hell am I doing!!!!!!

I love you because you made me realize that I have to appreciate what I have..
I love you because you play hard and at the same time you never forget your responsibility as a student and a child..
I love you because you never get angry at me.
I love you because you are always so naive and happy-go-lucky. :)

Back then, we always tease each other. She has very curly hair. And she straightened her hair for like.... 5-6 times or more I guess..  And her hair is straight on the outside, curly on the inside.. So I used to play with her hair, I used to spread them open and show the ''shocking face'' XD

And then her lips are dry, and her skin is chapped near the lips.. So I always say flies lay eggs on her lips.. hahahaha

And her legendary old hands!! So many wrinkles!!! But I love to play with it!!! XD...

Now I realized what a sucky friend I have been to her T____T but but she'll never get angry at me... :)

I love you buffy!

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