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Posted Monday, July 12, 2010 // 8 comments (+)
I'm so sick of onlining!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to do online shopping.

I hate to do business online.

I hate to go MSN.

I hate to go Twitter.

I hate to go facebook!!!!!!

I've been facing the laptop since 9 o'clock till 2 am!!!

And guess what, I havent decided which website to buy their products for our assignment yet!

Seriously FML!!!!!!!!

I'd rather go KL pudu there find the stores and discuss with them face to face.

I FREAKING HATE ONLINE SHOPPING!!!!! Its so troublesome!!!! And wasted damn alot of time!!!

I wanted to spend 2 hours study on my exam this week, but this stupid assignment interrupted me!!!

And I became fatter cuz always sit in front of laptop, and I became so stress bcuz of all the chinese words in the website!!! T______T

My ideal life - Life without MSN, Facebook, Twitter!!!

If you miss me, just text me!! I'll reply!!!! And also call me!!!

I think one day I'm gonna QUIT all those things.

So that I can have more time to do my readings, exercising, revising and so on!!!!!!!!!1

I wanna study hard!!! Make my parents proud!!! Become knowledgable!!! Make my life better!!!!

Felt so much better after this rant!!!!!!!!!!!!
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