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Posted Friday, July 30, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Remember the wise old man always say, '' time flies'' ?

Now I finally know what it means. No matter whether my life is like hell or my life is like heaven, time never stops ticking.

So fast my holidays are gonna end. I just came back Seremban not long ago! The bed also havent warm yet!!!

And I'm FORCED to go back on Sunday. I don't really like Malacca..... Sigh.. Its just some feelings you know.. Sometimes u had fun so much in seremban, suddenly you see all the status in facebook posted by your friends saying that they are going back to Melaka, damn sad or watever. You will some sorta being influenced by them... Sigh... =(

I love you Seremban!!!! I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the people, I love the food, I love the places, I love everything about Seremban!!! I even love the biggest shopping complex in Seremban - Jusco. I even love all the lala people. wtf....

Cut the emoness, back to the awesomeness.

Just came back movie with YikXin.. We watched Sorcerer's Apprentice! Yeap, just both of us T____T
Kristy chong watched already. So just left me... And her..... Sighhhhhh.....Sometimes its like damn hard to find movies kaki right? But thank God YikXin accompanied me. If not I have to either download it, or just forget about it.

I still haven't watch Despicable me and Toy Story 3!


Ok since you chose to read it, your choice! =P

Ratings : 6/10. Not bad I would say.

I super duper love the song Secret by One Republic! My god how can One republic be so awesome? To me, they sound like some special music group, which loves to combine elegant music instrument inside their songs. For example, secret, all the right moves, apologize and so on. (Actually I don't know other songs ad hahahahaha)

And then, I'm in love with Nicholas Cage. I don't care if he's old. He just look so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this guy,

I think he's getting more and more popular. He acted in She's out of my League, as a nerdy guy. A nerdy loser who eventually win a super hot chick. That show is goooood. I like Stainers! Hard 10 hard 10!

And then in this show, he's kinda nerd also. Physics nerd. But he looks kinda sexy with boxers. hahahhahaha

And then this girl is hot!


Huge boobies.

First time went FC today with Kristy because our house line kinda unstable to do assignment. And I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Its so comfortable inside it and the line is so damn fast and they play good music! Soooo damn enjoying and 1 hour just passed like that. No wonder people love going to CC! 

P/s : Tomorrow will be MTV World Stage concert in Sunway. So sad I couldn't go. But heyyyyyyy millions of people didn't go too right, why make a fuss about it? :)
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