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Posted Saturday, July 17, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Hi blog, I guess I'm addicted to blogging already.

Everyday I must write one post only satisfy. Because after I blog, only I will concentrate fully on my studies!

The main purpose of me creating this blog is not to become famous blogger like Xiaxue and KennySia. I don't really bother who read my blog actually. I love my blog to be public. Hence, you will never see me promoting my blog, because too much of privacy are revealed inside this blog. I love my privacy to be protected. =P
Even if you see me promoting my blog, that's when I have something I think suits everyone to read, or I want a particular person to read it.

Sometimes in life, we cannot be so calculative. I hate calculative guys. (Unless you have your own reasons).
I'm trying to be understanding here but.. most of the time, it seems like generous and gentlemen men grab my attention more and are able to leave a very good impression.

Sometimes its better for you to open one eye and close one eye and don't know that much. Knowing that much isn't always good. Sometimes I think, can I handle loneliness? I kept asking myself the same question everyday. I try to make myself damn busy by keep studying and doing online business so that it'll somehow distract my mind from thinking about all these issues. I even plan to buy more story books to read. Time to improve my english! Any nice reads to recommend?

When I almost got used to being lonely, something changed my thoughts drastically. Timmy's bark.

Yeah, Timmy sometimes bark like a small lil puppy. That is when he feels lonely, need someone to play with him. Even if you put him running around inside your room, he will come and bite your toe, bite you, climb on you because he wants to grab your attention.

You see what I'm trying to say here? Even animals need attention. Even animals need companionship. Even animals hate loneliness.

So hereby, I conclude, nobody loves loneliness. Nobody loves to be a lone ranger. Nobody chose to do things solo when they have someone to choose, to do things together with her.

Sometimes in life I think, how good if I have a fix partner who can always go class with me, go library with me, go dinner with me. Like a pair of twin. But sadly, I have no one.. :( The closest girlfriend will always be Kristy. We still go shopping together, go dinner together, go gym together, go library together.

Sigh..... Sometimes I talk to myself, " Don't let others influence you. Look around you, there are people going to class alone, attending tutorial class by sitting alone, and also go library alone. They can do that without any problem, why can't you? " And that's when I feel better.. =)

You know, its hard to resist myself to think about something sometimes... When I'm free, I'll think of this and that. Why he's not doing this while I'm doing this, why he's not feeling like this when I'm feeling like this, why he's not liking this but I'm liking this. Too much of W-H-Y questions make me sick..!! :(

I do enjoy studying most of the time. That is when I feel confident, I feel knowledgeable, I feel like this world is a greater world to be, I feel like loneliness is nothing big when you don't take that as a big issue. Your brain controls everything. When you think that you are happy, then you will be happy. And vice versa.

Nobody can master the game of mind, but we can somehow improve ourselves on it. :)

Enough on all the silly thoughts. Now back to my daily life updates!

After 2 papers, we went out and had some fun today with Kristy & Yvonne.

Lunch @ McD!

Purposely buy Kid's Meal because of this cute sugarbunny. ^^

I got 2!!! hhahaha the waiter gave wrong!!!

Right after that, shop awhile! Then went to watch Predator. Wanted to watch Inceptions but tickets were all sold out! So we chose this.

Thought very gan jeong but I slept inside the movie hahahah. And and there's a girl beside me put whole bottle of perfume I think. Plus her perfume doesn't smell good. T____T So basically I'm like sticking so damn near to Yvonne and cover my nose with my cardigan for 2 hours. And she still didn't get it!!  omg... I'd rather you be odour-less! And also, there were people playing with their handphones during the show. The lights were damn distracting! Please lah if you want to text or call at least slightly cover the light lah! It distracted people and also not respecting the movie!!!

So yeah, I rate this movie 4.5/10.
Not much of my likings. The alien is not ugly enough. And the storyline is ??????

After that movie, we went to see doctor. Kristy was sick, and she suspected it was Denggi. Hopefully its not.

To whoever that's reading this blog right now(especially you), please do take care of yourself. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday, go for sports once awhile. Don't eat heaty stuffs and have sufficient sleep. Always keep yourself happy and motivated!

After that we had dinner at some hawker stall. Yvonne ordered DUCK egg fried oyster! First time hear right? Well, taste the same one. XD.. And I ordered some mee! I prefer Jonker's one though!

Thanks all for reading. Its 12 am right now means I did not study at all today. FML.
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