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Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Dear all my beloved master's blog readers..

Just in case you're wondering who is this, I am Timmy, male sugar glider, 8 months old! I am my beloved master's beloved pet!

Recently, 2 new hamsters joined in the family which are - Rooney (boy) and Yumi (girl)!

I don't really know them well, just know that both of them are residing beside my 3 ft. cage.

One thing I am sure is, my master prefers me over them both! because MY CAGE WAS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN THEM!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahah!

Their cages were like tiny winy one compared to mine.^^

I knew most of my master's blog readers are very concerned about my health condition, especially after my master brought me to Dr. Yeoh and neutered me.

So here I am, updating to you guys about my health condition!

As you all know, my pee were extremelyyyyyyy smelly before my testicles were cut off. And I've got strong body odor. Nope! Not that I'm not clean nor dirty! Its my nature! I have to mark my territory, ya know.
I pee bit by bit on stranger's body. And whenever I sense my master touched other gliders, I will wipe off their smell with my head!!!

And I am sexually matured. Very sexually matured! And I have a bald head too.... :(

So my master assured to me saying that its normal, and I'm not that worried since then..

After my testicles were cut off, I am completely fine... I didn't scratch my wound.. Felt a tingling pain but, I AM A MAN!! I can definitely withstand the pain!!!

My body odour went off a lil bit.. And I can't bite people as hard as I used to!

I've gotten lil bit less aggressive too! And I can feel that my masters actually care about me more since the surgery.. They were worried sick! Just to inform you guys, I, Timmy, is perfectly fine!

Thanks for all of ya concern!! Lovey you guys muacks muacks!

Last but not least, a vain pic of mine!!

S shape!
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