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Posted Friday, July 16, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
I'm having 2 papers this week, which is on Friday and Saturday morning.

4 papers coming next week, on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday. Don't know i can anot. @@

Right after that? Mid term break! ^^

I'm counted as damnnnnnn lucky already because i didn't read much on my Friday subject.

Read damn alot last minute. And THANK GOD among 5 questions, I managed to answer 3 questions!!!

Don't follow my footstep ok. This is a bad bad example!!!

I remember one of my friend (4 flat student) said, in order to score well in your finals, MASTER your mid term first. So that you will not be so stressed out during finals.

And he's so so so right. I should make sure my assignments got high marks too! If both of these got almost full marks, then finals need not be so tensed up.

My very very ideal life during finals - Study, do revision, sleep at 12 oclock, wake up at 1 hour before exam. HOW AWESOME IT WILL BE! RIGHT!!!

You know, everytime we exam sure damn stress. Sleep less than 3 hours,walk like a zombie... :(

That's the consequences of playing too much! I seriously like those people who can manage to play hard, and study hard!

But if you're used to playing hard already, then it will somehow be suffering when you're officially employed.

Everyday 8 am - 5 pm you will be working. Your only holidays will be Saturday and Sunday. No more mid term and final break. Imagine how hard we have to work for our boss. If boss is not satisfied with your work, you will be scolded. And you can do nothing but to let him scold.

So imagine, the stress is like 10X more than your college life. By the time you come out and work, you will seriously miss studying life.

That's why people, don't play so hard! If not you'll be hard to get used to the no-entertainment-work-life. =P

Ps : Like my header? I love it sooooooo much! I love colors, flowers, floras and faunas, girl, and sunshine!!
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