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Posted Monday, July 19, 2010 // 2 comments (+)

love Aromatheraphy?

OMG I love it so much. I think I'm addicted to good smell. I can't stand bad smell I can faint due to holding my breath too long. Such as, dirty toilet. Bad perfumes. Do you know by holding your breath too long it can actually affect your mood?

Currently addicted to Air Wick's white peach flavor. Its RM 17 for 3 months, worth the money!
And I put it in my room. So now I'm smelling it, like so damn relaxing~~~~~^^

People say, when you can't think straight because you're sad or angry, just take a deep breath for 10 times. Then you'll be able to think straight.

You know what's the best way to cure an angry beast? - Massaging.

No kidding.

When someone's damn angry, and suddenly someone massages his/her shoulder, INSTANTLY her angryness will drop by 50%, at least. So now you see how important it is to be relaxed in any circumstances?

That's why people love spa. I guess I'll love it too, like super love it. Wanna go Bali for SPA but I don't know parents will bring or not!

And, psssssts.. I actually love people to touch my hair, comb my hair, caress my hair because I feel so relaxed~!

I also love people to put make up on my face too!! Its like a bond connection between me and the make up artist.....XD

I also love people to wash my face, and also wash my hair...Like very gentle type~! Super duper relaxing!!

Guess I just love to do all these girly stuffs! I mean, who don't!!!

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