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Posted Saturday, July 10, 2010 // 5 comments (+)
Today was the big day where timmy's gonna be neutered! Kang Yong's male sugar glider, Mickey wants to be neutered as well so Kang Yong offered us a ride to Sunway. Thanks alot, if you're reading this. :)

They came to Seremban to fetch me and also have McD breakfast. I'm obsessed with McD breakfast!

We got a coupon where we just have to purchase any items during breakfast time and you will get a free EGG SAUSAGE BURGER!!

Yvonne's scrumbled egg. Looks are not so tempting but its quite nice. Love McD's hash brown!

Yvonne on the left, Kang Yong on the right.

Inside the car, I was trying to snap Timmy's precious male organ picture. As memories. T___T because he's gonna get them chopped off soon!

Finally, a much clearer version.

People might think, why are we so cruel wanna go neuter our pet and destroy their sex life?

Well, at first I have the same thoughts like them too. When people in lowyat forum were discussing about neutering male sugar glider, I'm like, why do we have to do this?!?!

But if our main intention is just to keep our sugar glider as pet, not as an animal to breed and produce offspring, its highly recommended that we neuter them. Furthermore, male sugar glider will get bald on their head as they grew older if they did not neuter.

Plus, male sugar glider can be very aggressive. So its highly recommended that we cut off their testicles. NOT CUT OFF THAT THING. please -_-''

And we brought Rooney to DR. Yeoh too. because Rooney peed blood :( :( super worried... sigh

It happened like this. Yesterday I put Rooney on my pajamas and played with him. Suddenly I checked my pajamas, I saw droplets of blood. I myself did not bleed. And later on, I placed him on the table and let him move around freely. Then I saw droplets of blood again. I was so worried I thought the blood came from me but no, it was from Rooney. :(((

Cutey Rooney sleeping highly on top of his yellow house. :')

Super love him.

Finally reached Dr. Yeoh's clinic!

Saw some thank you cards on his wall. So cute...That sugar glider was the first ever sugar glider being neutered by Dr. Yeoh!

Rooney still sleeping..

Doctor weighing Rooney's weight.

Rooney's cloudy urine :( , which is obviously abnormal. Glad we brought him here for check ups.

Rooney's trying hard to escape from my hand! After seeing Rooney so active, we scraped off the thoughts that he MIGHT suffer from internal bleeding.

Yvonne's Miko came for a body check up too. And she's perfectly fine.. :)

Our naughty Timmy!

Feeding Rooney antibiotics. Hopefully he gets better after the prescription. If you've noticed, the assistant doctor is really skillful in handling small pets.

Dr. Yeoh examining Rooney's cloudy urine and see if there's anything wrong.

Kang Yong and Mickey.

Feeding Miko some vitamins.

And we left them both for neutering.

Damn cute right? ^^
But after Rooney took this medicine, he became so weak....So dizzy.... :( I hate seeing animals so weak!

Met up with Ernest, planned to watch Toy Story 3 together but the Q was super long. So we went for Archery instead.

I gotta say that its.......DAMN FUN.
I played like a total noob at first. I didn't even get to hit the board. But there's a few friendly coaches out there taught me and I knew how to play a lil bit already!!
I want to play archery!

Then we went for some shopping. Camwhored inside the changing room!

Cute teddy bear I gave to him during his birthday 3 years ago. We were ex but our relationship is still very good :)
Jealous? Hahaha

FYI, this is just our 2nd time meeting each other. -_-''

Me and my baby!!!!!

So cute right T_______T

And we went to piccadilly to have dinner.

With their cute football menus..

The price is very reasonable, ain't it!!

Say hi to ernest!!

Borsch soup, which is..not bad!

The meat is totally tender.

My beef lasagne, which is highly recommended by him. But I don't quite like it. Pizza's lasagne is still the best!!!

Ernest's super awesome spaghetti!!!!

That's it for the day, I had a nice nice day. :)

Hope Timmy, Rooney and Mickey are fine!
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