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Posted Friday, July 30, 2010 // 2 comments (+)

Back from my holidays! (Actually my holidays until this Sunday only!) Now its time to face the busy world again.

First off, I gotta blog about the earliest entry, there are about like 6 more entries to go!!

Last friday was insane.

This was the very first time I studied like crazy.

On Saturday itself, I have Corporate Finance paper. And I haven't touch that notes at all. Like at all. FML. I've got 6 chapters to study somemore!

This is because our timetable for the exams are too pack. OK la I admit, its mostly my fault cuz didn't start off my revision early. T_____T

We had exam until 530pm, and I straight away went to library with Yixi (my housemate) right after the exam.

We camped there until 12 am. From 530pm to 12 am. Yeah... Insane, are we?! The only time we take a break is dinner break.

And slept around 2 something cuz need to bath and so on. Woke up at 6 am sharp and go down to Ixora study area to study again. We chose to study there because we knew we're gonna sleep or slack inside our room. So to prevent that mistake from happening, we've gotta make some cruel decisions.

And once we went down there, it was still dawn! Imagine, people are still hugging their bolsters, closing their eyes sleeping soundlessly wondering why he/she is so blessed. While me and Yixi? STUDY. T_____T
No lights at all and we just studied under dim lights. If with the boy I like sure damn romantic~!!! ^^

....................But I'm with Yixi. Not romantic at all. We studied until 10 am and go up, bathed and get ready for our exam at 12 pm.

This is the only time we were fully prepared using the shortest time. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

Ended up the exam is quite OKAY! I mean, won't fail. NOT BAD!

We all felt that we should do this more often, YEAH WE REALLY SHOULD.

Last minute sucks but why do we keep repeating that mistakes and make our life miserable and hard again?

That's all for now, more posts to come!!! =p
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