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Posted Sunday, June 13, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Sometimes its nice to have a sister with you, especially same age.

Especially same university (So we can have same holidays!)

And we went to MV this time, just the two of us! I love small outings, huge outings are fun but not as nice as small ones! In small outings, we won't neglect any of us. And we can......jeng jeng jeng jengggggg share secrets!! ^^

I can't forget TGIF from Sunway last time, so I insisted going TGIF again in The Gardens. Reached there, we didn't shop and straight away head to lunch! Can you imagine that -.-''

Ordered Ice lemon tea, both of us share! When it comes to bottomless no nid order 2!!!

I put a bow hair clip on my hair. Nice? ^^
You know, a girl always love guys to praise them on their looks. Like, hey you look great today! Then the girl will be like shy shy, but very happy! Its just the same like, when guys suit up, I always always always praise them. They look so damn smart and sexy!

This this this this!! I've been craving for this soup all the time! But this time it disappointed me so much. =(
Where got people put chili inside soup one. -___-''
The soup is creamy and......spicy???

Preparing to try.......!!!

Trying...........then only realize its not nice.

My main course! I loved this one in Sunway but here also disappointed me so much. Because the bread is too hard!

Kristy's beef burger. We're both beef lovers. Once you eat beef, you can never go back to chicken. But I love duck as well. Duck is damn nice! I love duck meat!!! ^^

Ready to eat?!

Tell me it looks nice!!!

I love the fries! ^^
Fries without chili sauce is not fries!

And we all started our meal like hungry beasts. We didn't talk at all lol

Kristy can't bite it because its too hard. So she has to use the knife and cut it instead. -.-''

And den, our dessert!! Mine is snickers, hers oreo. Both also not nice. Hahhaah too sweet! I don't like too sweet stuffs. Just like secret recipe's cake, sometimes its too sweet, too densed. So when you eat the full slice of cake, you'll get sooooooooo bored of it. While those cheap cakes, its not that densed, but when you eat one full slice of it, you'll get satisfied! Too much of something will make you sick, so true. (But cheese is exception)

Right after our lunch, we started to............. SHOP!!!!!!!!! ^_^

One thing great bout shopping is, the moment of unwrapping stuffs when you go back home. OMG that feeling is.. undescribable.

One thing bad about shopping is, when you count how much you've spent that whole day. FML.

^_______^ lallalalaalalalalal~

After shopping for like 5 hours, we went for our early dinner/tea time/whatever you call it!
We bought some cosmetic, one pair of shoes, and sister got her pouch, and hmm that's it! I guess?

I'm not a big fan of pancakes, but now, I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wakakakakakak

Busy choosing from the menu, won't wanna miss out any single nice deal.........

And finally, we decided to order dollar pancakes with bananas, strawberries and and and CHOCOLATE POT!!!!!!! ^^
They actually have marshmellow inside it, but we both don't want. So instead of putting marshmellows, they gave us more bananas and dollar pancakes!!

This dish is the savior of the day, seriously. I love the pancake so much!
We did not get bored of the taste, at all.

When you guys eat chocolate fondue, you guys will get bored of it very fast right? But not for this!

Well, the best chocolate fondue that I've tasted was from 'The Chocolate' in 1 U. Seriously damn nice.... Still can't forget how nice it is............ Damn!

Stir it so that it won't get hard.


Do you wanna whack me on my face?

Kristy's pouch! Love it as well :)
Looks elegant!

Right after that, we head back home.

I have a confession to make here. Everyday, I'll get emo during 5-8pm. That's one of the weird fact bout me. I guess I really hated sunset so much. Its like the lose of hopes and faith!

I got emo everytime I sit on public transport. I hate evening, I hate sunset, I hate seeing lots of people taking public transport back. It makes me feel sad, and emo.  And make me realize that KL life ain't that nice as what I've imagined it would be. You understand what I'm trying to say here? Do any of you experienced this? Or am I the only one? I don't know why lol
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