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Posted Sunday, June 06, 2010 // 2 comments (+)

15 subjects this sem -_-''

Hahahahahaha joking lah. Got 6 subjects only! NOT ONLY. That's alot! That's why I say this sem is hell to me. T____T

Tomorrow will start my first class. BOY OH BOY!!!!! But same old faces..... How I hope got some new intake students!! Then if lucky will have leng zais!!! But that is super impossible because nobody's gonna join in anymore.... =( Stucked with the same old faces for 3 more years FML.

Just came back from Seremban! Thanks daddy for fetching us back.. Love you... ^^
And today I slept on my bed, hugging my super comfy bolster, cover my whole body with my blanky, and took a nap for half an hour.. THat's the best best half an hour I've ever got... I smiled during that half an hour sleep... My bed is just so so so so so so so comfy.................^^

But too bad I have to say byebye to my bed.. And come to Melaka... T_____T..But still okay la... Tomorrow 9-11 only mah!!! ^_^

Went yumcha with Yikxin yesterday.. Yumcha from 9 something until 1 something can you believe it!!!

My bro has 2 months of holidays. :( MMU only 3 weeks.... But Inti worse la, 2 weeks max HAHAHAHA!!

People summer break got 3 months one le......

Love the cross earrings! ^^

Nighty night!
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