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Posted Sunday, June 20, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Hola Melaka! I am back!

Just had a... super duper sweet dream today.... Like sweet until I can smile for the whole day XD

Its about love....... hahahahahah. I don't know with who.. I just know I am inside, and that guy was kinda.. skinny.. And I think I really love him ALOT.

Now I'm gonna talk to you guys about that sweet dreams :$

Both of us are so damn shy, and we were inside some kampung I guess.. With lots of paddi... and then.. we met up in some places, and we walked to a hotel... And on the way to the hotel, he he he he he..... he....he hold my last finger (because he's damn shy) and I'm like..... O_O WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all I know was I was blushing and smiling like nobody's business!! Then two friends walked by.. And I expect him to loose my hands away but he DID NOT!!! In fact both of us just smile and shy like that and walked pass by them both.. Both of them were like ''aiyerrrrrrr paktor ah!!!'' like that!!!! :$ :$ :$

Then we walked to the hotel, had lunch there.. And we saw some antique shops behind the places we dine?? And then we chit chat throughout the whole process.. And then we went to a wooden house.. On the way back from the wooden house, I kinda... I kinda hold his arms and we both just kinda run back to the hotel.. And I still remember I was too shy to hold his hands so I hold his arms instead!!!!

And then... I hear Kristy said '' JIE, wake up lor. 2 pm ad.''

WTF I slept until 2 pm my bus is at 3 pm!!!!! O_O

And I was so happy inside the bus.... Because of that sweet dream!! It just blew away all the negative feelings inside my heart!!! And when I'm listening to ''Rainbow Veins'' inside the bus, I'm like.. Ahhhhhh~~~ Floating on the air~~~~ xD

Basically that's an AWESOME DREAM!!! I am quite sure that that guy in my dream is the one!!!!! hohohohoho~ But that guy's face is blurred. Never mind. Like this only got suspense mah. LOL.

Ps : Timmy was running around inside the car just now we're on the way to T2. Mom's kinda freaked out. LOL

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