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Posted Wednesday, June 09, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
First week of classes, ain't that bad! Because no tutorials la this week. LOL.

And sigh, most of my friends are like so moody lidat. Duno is because of the super hard subjects or not. T____T

And to someone, I know that you are sad, and have some problems with *something* I cannot say. But I just wanna let you know, that I care about you. I don't ask you how you feel or why are you so sad because I'm a shy person, and I know you don't usually express your feelings out. I love your naive-ness. Although you're kinda bad tempered, you are still my university best friend, trust me. Lots of arguements between us happened but everytime we managed to pull it off. Sometimes I might have neglected you and I'm so sorry. I'll try my best to take care of you as I promised someone to do so. All the best to you and, cheer up. =)
I know you won't be reading this, but here's the only place I really voice my heart out.

During the start of my 3rd year campus life, I went to campus's gym! What a hugeeeeeee achievement. That gym is great! Not the best of course, but as long as its not hot, have english songs and some decent equipment for me to work out, then I'm satisfied with it already. They bought 2 new threadmills!!! *gasps
And its super awesome because I super love threadmill! I even thought of investing in one threadmill because it's gonna be such a good investment. -.-'' But one threadmill cost RM10k FML.

On the side note, I really need more friends in MMU... Its not like I have not much friends, I have a lot. In fact, I always go out with different groups of friends actually. Kristy's friends, my foundation friends, my degree friends and so on. But if I were to find someone who really thinks like me, who can really hang out with me all the time, like cannot-be-separated type of friends, sad to say, I have none. :(

I know I am much luckier than most of the girls out there. Some even go to class alone, sit alone, gotta find assignment group mates herself instead of having a fix gang. I am soooo much luckier.

But I really really hope that I can be the true me in front of that someone that's soon to be found. A someone who does not get angry at me because I used to be quite fierce. Not in an offensive way but I tend to over react sometimes.. So most of the people who are not close with me, always say I am fierce. Some even take my words offensively. I sincerely apologize to them, because actually,I don't mean it at all. If I were to mean it, I won't say it out, right? And I hope that someone thinks alike like me, party hard, play hard, enjoy life hard with me, and at the same time work hard with me, and together we can motivate each other to be on top of others.

Besides, we will always do assignments together,being RANDOM together, go library together, study together, eat together, go shopping together, make up together, go gym together, change our clothes without feeling shy together, watch dramas and movies together, lean on each others shoulders together, share the same music taste together, share the same level of sense of humor together. Someone who loves english songs as much as I do, someone who wish to travel to European countries as much as I do, someone who love sarcastic jokes as much as I do, someone who tease each other as much as I do, someone who talks as much as I do, and someone who loves shopping as much as I do. There will be no jealousy between us, only complete honesty. Sigh... That is by far my nicest dream ever if I have a girl friend like that.  I can even share the same bra with her I swear. JOKING. I want to look forward to going to school. I want to look forward to meeting my friends. Guess university life is just...sigh, like that. It'll take forever for me to find that someone. *dreams

Sorry if I bored you guys with words and just words, I just......... love to write wtf
Thanks for reading!!! ^^
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