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Posted Friday, June 25, 2010 // 1 comments (+)

Out of no where, we are right now in Seremban.

Promised not to come back to Seremban but we ended up coming back to Seremban.

Reason? There's a huge gathering for my secondary friends and also secondary teachers in Old Town @ Era.

We went there from 8 to 12 something.

And we talked alot about relationships. Like seriously ALOT. A group of singles spent almost 2 hours talking about relationships.

And boy oh boy, my friends are telling me '' Steph, you are a very hard to please girl.''

The thing that I'm still single right now is, I don't know what I want. I really don't know what I want. I just wanna feel loved, but not so clingy, and at the same time, both of us can focus on our studies. <-- DID I JUST SAY OUT WHAT I WANTED?????

I wanna have a life of a single and also a life of a couple.

When I'm single, I'll look forward to being couple with someone. When I'm in a relationship, I'll look forward to being single sometimes. The freedom... Ahh...

How awesome is being single. And also, how awesome is being in a relationship. FML.

My friends are telling me to find a bf when I'm still in university because after this period, I'm gonna work like an old accounting chick, facing numbers and money everyday, no time to go out meet any guys. T_____T

And they're telling me to lower down my expectations towards guys. Well, I know I've been expecting too much, and want things to go toooooooo seriously. But sometimes, they don't know I'll be touched by some stupid tiny lil simple things. Just like... some attention from the guy I like when I'm down..... or .. I just love it when he acts like he doesn't care but actually he does.. :)

And I argued with one of my friend today. Boy oh boy I hate arguements so much. I argued until I actually cried, when the fault is with him. (huge misunderstandings) But glad that I spilt things out, if not things are gonna be much more worse.
In short, I just hate arguements. But I ain't gonna AVOID arguements. Because when you say '' OK, FINE. IF THATS WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. BYE.'' That is when things actually got worse. You don't fix that stuff, you're just making it WORSE. So by speaking out the problems, you'll feel like, ITS ACTUALLY NOT A BIG PROBLEM AT ALL! Then you'll feel so relieved and everything in this world becomes so awesome back. I kid you not.

On the side note, we're going to Pet World tomorrow @ Mid Valley. Getting Timmy some stuffs. Hope to see if there's any sugar glider gathering alsoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a big fan of animals. But unintentionally, and accidentally, I think I am becoming one.... Animals are just. Cute and innocent. Nuff said. lovey them! ^^

Ps : I find Jason Mraz songs awesome. Way too awesome. :)
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