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Posted Tuesday, June 29, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
A new member to the Chong Family!!!!!!!!!!

-_____-'' He 80% always look like this. So stupid. And so cute too T_______T

Compared to Timmy, this Rooney is so so so so so so so dumb!

He get scared easily. Like reaaaally easily. Once I touched him he'll be *the expression above* and flip over. -_____-''

That's why people say hamsters are sooooo stupid! hahahahaha! but so cute too!!!

He's a syrian breed. People often call them teddy bear because they're as fluffy as teddy bear.

Eating his treats!!

Thanks Kristy for the pics.

I don't know whether Timmy will get jealous or not because of Rooney's existence. My sister said whenever we play with Rooney, Timmy will be looking at us from its cage. T_______T

Timmy, we both still love you ok!!! You're still so cute ok!!!!

And Rooney, we both also love you!!! Its like a 50: 50 ok!!!! Don't jealous!!! ^^

Love these two furballs!
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