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Posted Wednesday, June 23, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
I have the time to blog!

When you're outta your mind or something, go dancing . It helps!!!! ^^

Music is like a... anti depressant, or a stress-killer. Its totally harmless, the only side effect is you MIGHT get addicted to the song? So yeah, just go for music and sing your heart out when you're down! It works like miracles for me :)

Went sing k with my friends last few days. In dreambox! I prefer Greenbox because alot of English songs haha.

But nevertheless, here is nice also!

We chose for buffet time. Because buffet ma, you can eat anything you want!

Check out what we've took!

Food for 4 hours, damn worth it right.

But really, I don't like going buffet, its too much. Too much of something will make you sick, mark my words!

Two dwarfs? HAHAHAHA joking joking!! Short only cute mah =p

Yvonne on the left, Steph on the right!

3 of us while others are still inside the toilet. Love their huge mirrors!

All of us! ^^

From tall to short. Hahahaha

Sang until my throat sore. I prefer watch movie, sit there and just enjoy the show! You don't have to take food, choose songs and sing!! lol

Came back, and played with Timmy.

Spot timmy chong! A tiny weeny one inside a black pouch!!

So cute. ^_^

Timmy saying HI to you guys!!! =p

Got time I promise I'll update more, gotta go bath right now!
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