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Posted Monday, June 07, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Today inside the car, we discussed about some serious issue.

I said in a very serious tone, '' Hey, lets go clubbing. Like seriously.''

You know, we're just a bunch of college girls, at the age of 20, never stepped inside a club before. Like a real decent club.

I only been clubbing ONCE, Melaka's Arena Club. and that is not even clubbing. I sat there, drank a bottle or two, watched others dance, chit chat with my friends, and that's it. The music isn't good at all, and also there's MALAY live band seriously wtf. -.-''

I've never been to Pure Bar before. Heard lots of MMU students are there, and that place super smokey and cram...

I really really wanna go clubbing. At least lemme try once please? I'm so curious about it!!!!

Like what's really happening inside. How do they dance, how do they have fun, how flaming lamborghini is like, what are chivas, what are black label, how DJ looks like and so on. I have no idea about all those!

Let me once enter into the sinful luxurious night life please!

But can I please enter some non smoking clubs?? If that place is smokey trust me, all you can see is a bo song Steph. lol.. I can't stand smoke, even in casinos.

Kristy's bf FORBIDDED her from entering club. So I doubt she's gonna follow us if we were to really go clubbing.

And you know, if girls go clubbing must wear sexy sexy, wear high high killer heels, and also make up thick thick like that one. Really have to like that ah....-_-''

But we're just a bunch of girls! If we really went there, what if someone spiked our drinks or or molest us right. Molest him back? WTF........ T_____T

Sighs, I really wanna try go clubbing at least once! And decent one! Anyone please bring me :( I just wanna have a fun night! :D

One day I came across Sweatlee's blog, she went to SkyBar which is located near KLCC.

OMG.. The ambience really attracted me.

With the romantic night view, alcohols, soothing music, friends, chit chat. Ain't that awesome! I wanna go there! ^^

The fantastic night view..

Love it!

Some pics taken from www.sweatlee.com
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