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Posted Wednesday, June 16, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Happy Dumpling Festival  my friend!

Dumpling festival can last for one month. I mean to my family. LOL..

I miss my aunty's dumpling.....T_T I love those aunties aunties actually. They make damn good food. Last time I ate my dinner at my aunt's house, and I was like, DAMN this tasted so much better than my mom's cooking! Did you put any seasoning inside? XD

Seriously she's a damn good cooker T________T. I wish I can cook like em! Without getting chubby like em, is it possible?

My favourite dumpling gotta be empty small dumpling!!!!!! Where you dip inside the kaya.. omg that is the nicest! I don't really like those dunpling with meat inside because I still remember last time I used to eat this every single day no fail during dumpling season. FML. Then I got phobia. Dumplephobia. And it kinda made my stomach very hard to digest. That's why I'm not really a big fan of dumpling. Except for empty dumpling!!! Gosh.. if you hate me, you are always welcome to throw dumplings at me ok?

Just watched Spain VS Switzerland with Alvin and Kristy @ Hang Tuah Mamak. Why can't they score! At least gimme a draw!!!! And Switzerland's goal is definitely a lucky one!!! Very bo mood when they lost T_T. I MUST WATCH ARGENTINA MATCH NO MATTER HOW AND WHEN.

Oh oh oh! Did I tell you Timmy Chong moved to his new house? A bigger one this time. Its a 3 ft cage.
Can tell that he's reaaaaally happy. Awww cutie fluffy lil timmy....^^

I wonder why people are afraid of sugar glider? Hey take a look at them, they look so damn cute!!! Especially timmy!! His nose round round one. And his face also round round one!!! And he love to look up at you and its like so damn cute!!!!!!!! And his body fat fat one!! And his claws....... abit ugly la but still damn cute!!!

Yesterday was Tuesday, supposed to go gym but ended up we went to sing k + buffet. =.=''''''
Ummm, I prefer to watch movie over sing k.. Because movie, you just have to sit down, and enjoy the show! While karaoke, you have to sing...... So tiring......... hahahhah.. But overall, its still nice also, especially '' I don't wanna miss a thing''!! I'm gonna download Armageddon and watch again!

Today I got super duper emo during class. I had the 2 most boring lecturers ever. One lecturer came from India, and don't you dare to look down on him. Heard he was one of the top 10 in India, and top 50 in Asia (I highly doubt this). But you know how he teach ah... Every single sentence he'll end up with an ''ah'' wtf.
He always say, eh the grey shirt ah you understand what i'm trying to say ah please concentrate don't sleep ah with the super thick indian slang. OMGGGGGGGGG. I can hardddddddly understand what he talked about during that 2 hours of classes. You wanna sleep also kenot. You know how it feels? Like... you're sitting in a place, doing nothing productive, and you cant leave that room! You just basically sit there like a moron, do nothing, hear him blab in front of the classroom. For 2 hours which feels like forever. Sigh.......

Secondly, our accounting lecturer.. He's basically a nice guy. But the way he teach, is very boring T_____T.
He used the same boring tone during the 2 hours lecture class. Its a night class somemore. Why do I have to suffer like this....... I'd rather self study at home! One of the most beh tahan thing in my campus life is, I can't stand boring lecturers. I mean, can you speak with some tones? Can you speak human english? You are smart I know, but that doesnt mean you can be a great lecturer sometimes.......

Tomorrow, going gym. 100% going gym. If I don't, just sleep on my precious bed with your smelly body.
or step my teddy with your smelly feet.

Ps : A team anyone? :D

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