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Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
I should be sleeping right now, its freaking 4 am.

But sufen is doing her assignment at my room now.

So since I've got nothing to do, I better update my blog!

I gave up the ''must-watch'' football match last night just for the morning 8 am class today and I'm so proud of myself.

Im not even sleepy at all when I woke up at 7 am. Guess this is the seldom determination that I've got. =P

And yeah, I went to class alone. Housemates didn't get to wake up. But sometimes I do enjoy going to class alone. When I came uni, I can't expect there's always someone to be by my side anymore. Life's not as simple and easy and happy like last time. Time to face the fact. I might be ranting at times, feeling so down and emo and whatnot. Just let me rant. I just need to rant myself out or not I'll get crazy. After all the rants, I'll just effing move on.

Today's class is awful. Especially Human Resource class. FYI, our lecturer is from INDIA. So he has the huge india slang. Which is super duper annoying. Out of 100%, you might just get 40% out of it. The other 60% you try to concentrate but you just cant. Your mind will just sway away. So I've decided, next time I'll bring my magazine, and also listen to my songs while he's teaching.

And yes, I attended the class purely just for attendance. If it weren't for the attendance, I won't go!

You know how mad were we today? We were sitting there for 2 hours doing nothing hearing nothing understanding nothing. Yixi feels like throwing her files at him straight on his face. I feel like standing up and scold him asking him to speak in human language. Eeleng feels like confronting him and ask him to improve on his pronounciation. That class gives me HELL man seriously. Sorry, not gives me, is give US.

And I attended Diver's club AGM just now, and went through their committee interview. Gotta admit that anything that has to do with diving/snorkeling is cool! But on the selfish side, I don't really wanna get dark :(... But oh wells, REDANG IM COMING!

On the happy side, we went for a late night movie just now.

''She's out of my league''

Heard it was quite good from my friends.

Turned out to be..........

AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it! I mean, this kinda show is just my show la ok. Romantic + good ending + comedy + inspirational.

After watching this show, I totally believe in ''he's the only one I want'' theory again. Thanks alot. Positive and optimistic inspirations are what I needed. :)

If you guys are into love story and also comedy like I am, strongly recommend you guys to watch it!

I'm going back hometown on Thursday at 4 something. Due to the early morning dentist on Friday.

Can't wait!
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