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Posted Saturday, June 05, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

I hereby.. gonna announce you something really really sad..............

My 3 weeks of holidays officially end TODAY.

Yes today. T_______T.

You know what, I hate start school!!!!!!!! I hate MMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Seremban!!!!!!!!!!

But then trust me lah when I'm there I will still accept it. Its like a routine to me ady. I just dont want homework and face those people who I don't like only. =(

Am I very childish? For always ranting about this and that, don't wanna meet who who who because I don't like who who who. But if I don't rant, I'm gonna die. At least I didn't say who who who here mah. Hahaha

Btw, go back also nice la. At least got stuffs for me to do mah. 3 weeks without doing anything constructive are making me like some stupid brainless bimbo. Next sem gonna fight hard hard ady. =(

Then go back also don't know can use streamyx or not.. Because its TERMINATED as well!!

But one thing great is, I can learn guitar!!!!! Hohohohoho

Instead of moaning for the start of school, why not count for the holidays? HAHAHHAHHAA.

I don't know it works or not but I guess it worth a try! I mean, come onnnn. I only go to campus Monday to Thursday only. Friday no school, Sat and sun too. So basically I just spent 4 days at campus!! So yeah its still not that bad la right? ^^ Plus some shopping, yumcha, outings, guitar lessons.. Hmm... It'll somehow balance up the nerdy me. Hopefully I get to make more friends this sem.. :( I'm not good at making friends at all... Seriously suck at it... -.-''

And and my stomach is very pain.. :( Period fast fast come lah!!!!!

Ps :  Save the world, stop the global warming please. The world is crying but we can't see it!!!! We HAVE to do something to stop global warming!!! I don't want Malaysian DIE because TOO HOT. How funny is that?
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