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Posted Thursday, May 06, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Update update!!!

No no pictures for this post because if I'm gonna post pictures up, i'm gonna take some time editing them.

Troublesome right. maintaining a blog is troublesome right. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Its just like having long hair is troublesome, but I still love my long hair.

And also having Timmy is troublesome, but when you touch him and caress him on your arms, and when his innocent eyes look at you, you'll feel everything is soooooo worth it.

I call it love? But sometimes I really lazy take care of him one. :P

As you all know, MMU students are damn freaking busy this few weeks. We are having our finals. I have like 5 papers next week. Kill me please! But with the least painful method!

Ahh, too much of nice songs suddenly. My ears are definitely getting their awesome treats.

Watched too much movies lately, I'm feeling so damn guilty. But I'm LOVING IT. omgggggg..All shows also very nice! T____T

Nothing much happened lately, nothing extraordinary sad nor happy. Oh yeah, I gotta stop playing guitar for 1 whole month due to finals and also our holidays. So gonna start back next month.

And our teacher is gonna make us perform in front of duno how many people!!!! Seriously!! T____T he's damn mean. But that's a good opportunity for us practice right? :))
Gotta go now and study T.T... see ya!! Will update more when I have the time ok pinky promise. ^^

Ok la make it one to make my blog looks nicer.

Me & Eeleng during lecture class. ^^
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