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Posted Saturday, May 29, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
I'm onlining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf

I said I can't online for don't know how long till I got back to Melaka right?

Well, I lied.

Hahahahah no la actually is, my brother has broadband. but the FACT is that my house streamyx line really terminated ad. So to go online, I can actually use his broadband. But you know, he's seldom, like very very seldom get off his laptop one so yeah, I still basically can't online.

And right now I'm updating this because he's still sleeping. So I can use for awhile. =P

I've been deleting friends in my facebook. My sister and Sufen were right, shouldn't simply approve them. -_-'' What the hell was I thinking anyway? So now, every single strangers, I DELETE! well except for some. And sometimes I really wanna delete those acquaintance. You know? You know what's his name, he/she knows whats your name, but you guys never talk. I really feel like deleting em!! Grrr..

What I've been doing during this holidays.. hmm.. GREAT! Went out a couple of times, the time I enjoyed the most is jogging time!! =P.. Somehow got tired of shopping. And I'm so so so happy that I finally watched

This one!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS* 
I watched this with Yikxin. Yeap! Just both of us!! OMG. I'm such a horror movie FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^
But I don't dare to enter ghost house. -_____________-''

What I've been doing lately 
- Reading Ps I love you. Such a great story. But sad as well. -.-''
- Watching HIMYM. HAHAHA. I love this show!! 
- And yeah that's the end of it!

One more week to go. Weeeeee~ And did I mention I missed the dentist appointment? WTF. I've totally lost track of time. And I dreamt about me going to dentist in my dreams, then when I wake up, my mom told me - You have missed the dentist. I'm like... O_O

Okay my bro's awake. See ya !

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